February 28, 2011

From The Mouths of Children

It has been awesome to hear stories from some of you about how your children have really begun to develop a prayer life over the last several weeks.

In Matthew 21 Jesus is faced with angry religious leaders because He had healed the lame and the blind, and a group of children was shouting out, praising Jesus for His wonderful miracles.

"The blind and the lame came to Him in the temple complex, and He healed them. When the chief priests and the scribes saw the wonders that He did and the children shouting in the temple complex, " Hosanna to the Son of David!" they were indignant and said to Him, "Do You hear what these [children] are saying?"

"Yes," Jesus told them. "Have you never read: 
You have prepared praise 
from the mouths of children and nursing infants?"

Children seem to 'get it' better and much quicker than we adults. They seem to grasp the concept of faith so much better than we do. Here are a few of the comments I have heard from some of you about your children:

"If you knew what impact your family had on one of my boys tonight... he had been saying all week he was missing his dad. It happens each year with the early spring... grief has a way of recurring with seasonal changes - the memories come through the soft early breezes of Spring. This boy has prayed each day over and over for your family. And he has watched your blogs. He's made the connections of considering it all joy"

"I can tell you that it's amazing what effect Garren's situation has had on our family alone. I opened Kat's bedroom door the Tuesday night and she had her bible open reading...clinging to scriptures of healing. When in the car, the kids used to want to change the christian station to the "cooler" one, now they leave it on 91.9 and sing to the top of their lungs or just quietly listen to the words with Garren on their minds and hearts."

Someone at church Sunday told me "My kids remind us at every meal and before bed that we need to pray for Garren."

And I saw this on Facebook today:

"One of many little reminders my kids have left around the house to pray for the Janes family. Emily put this together on the fridge, J likes to pray at every stop light on the way to school, notes, pictures everywhere...so sweet to see children trusting so completely in the power of prayer. What a great reminder for the adults in their lives."


Anonymous said...

This post simply puts a lump in my throat. I remember that night seeing Katherine clinging to the scriptures. I remember cracking her door open& just letting that moment soak in my heart for a few moments. It was one of the most special memories of her that I was added to my life. We sat and talked about faith and prayer that night& how we believed God would use Garren through this battle...also how God would use this to make us better& stronger Christians. Aren't children so trusting of the Lord when given the opportunity to know him? If we adults would have that child like faith...we'd be in in a much better position overall for certain. The stories of these children are precious. I can assure you the reading of her bible, nor her praying has slowed down. She 's in for the long haul as we all are in this family. You guys are amazing! We love ya'll....please tell Garren we're in his corner and send him our love.

Love to you all,
Donna, Ritchie, Racheal, Katherine, Luke, Madelyn, and Brady

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

My boys haven't ceased in their prayers for Garren in the least. When they come home from school they ask if you've updated the blog so they can see the progress with Garren. They are completely believing in his restoration and pray knowing victory is already complete- the Lord knows how it will all turn out.

I'm amazed when people want to shelter their kids from troubling news. I think kids are closer to understanding to concept that struggles and joys are completely intertwined because their focus is so not in this world. They can lose a parent and still be joyful in their childhood. They can see a family struggle and see the beauty in their struggle and see the relationship of how Christ struggled a beautiful struggle.

Thank you for bringing us all closer to truth.

Anonymous said...

The first day of March...wow...I read your blog with tears in my eyes...I am so thankful that our community and various parts of the world are remembering to pray for all of you...we will not stop...have a great day...love, SAndy & Russ

Anonymous said...

Yes, the children do seem to get it better than we do sometimes. I never thought I'd see or hear my three year olds praying on their own with such sincerity. They love praying for Garren, they love to hear when he opens his eyes and wiggles his toes, and they talk about him several times a day. They will continue to pray and we will continue to pray. In for the long haul, The Sisk Family

Anonymous said...

Without children ourselves, we can only imagine how parents and children are responding to you, Nancy, Garren and the girls. What I DO know, though, is that listening to Mark Schulz sing "He's My Son" takes on a whole new meaning. Continuing to lift you up in prayer.
Jax and Susan Jenkinson

Anonymous said...

Dear Geoffrey and Nancy,

I just had a coworker come into my office telling me how she has been blessed as she has been praying for your family and keeping up with your blog. She said that specifically this morning she wanted to do something to help but after reading the latest update, she realized that she was the one that had been helped. I agreed that I too have been greatly blessed by simply joining the many others who are lifting you up in prayer and keeping up with your blog. Thank you so much for your encouragment to others (many of whom dont even know you) even in the midst of your personal struggles. It is amazing how the Lord is advancing His kingdom through your lives in such a time as this. We continue to pray for you all daily. We also prayed for your family this morning during staff devotions before school.

David Harrill