February 07, 2011

A Little Bit About Garren

I realize there are many of you who may not know Garren, or have not seen him in quite some time. I want to take a minute to introduce you to the amazing young man you are praying for.

Garren is 13 years old, he turns 14 this coming Saturday. He is all boy. He loves football. His favorite team is the Steelers - imagine his disappointment when he wakes up to find out the Steelers lost the Super Bowl!

Garren has been playing football for several years. His dream is to play in the NFL one day. He played quarterback two years, and though he is a good leader, and his team loves him, he prefers defense. "I like to hit - and the coaches won't let me hit when I play quarterback!" Like I said before...all boy.

Garren is known at school for his humor and quick wit. The students love it, and most of the teachers do not. It has gotten him in trouble several times. But the truth is, he is pretty funny. He loves to make people laugh. I try to imagine what he would be saying about himself if he could see himself right now.

Garren is a believer in Jesus Christ. Within the last year I was baptizing a line of people in a church service. I looked up to see who was next, and there stood Garren. It was an honor as his father and pastor to baptize him.

There is so much more I could say. But that should give you a little bit of insight into this amazing boy.

Thank you for your continued prayers.


EJ Abood said...

Geoffrey, Thank you for posting this with the picture. The last picture we have of Garren was from Nana and Pepa's anniversary 3 years ago. This way I can show the children their 2nd cousin's picture and it helps them as we are praying to know more about Garren. We have been praying since the moment Mom called us on Friday. Grace and Peace, Teresa

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo (it's great!), and all the details for those of us who, prevented by life circumstances, haven't been able to see him for some time. How wonderful that you shared his desires and talents with us! We can't make it to Southbrook to pray, but we're focused here at home with praying for him and all of you constantly throughout each day.

Love, The Randolphs

Anonymous said...

What an amszing young man, thank you for the continuous updates as we are following along this journey and praying as well.

SarahL said...

Today the doctor I work for was headed up to CMC main and I told him about Garren. He said, and I quote; "Kids recover really well from brain bleeds. It's hard to 'break' a kid. He's gonna be alright." That encouraged me. I hope it encourages you too. We're thinking about you praying for you non-stop! Sarah Lee

Janet Haigler said...

I am Max Haigler's wife Janet, Polly and Vernon Haigler's oldest son. We have been praying for Garren since we heard about his illness. I have placed him on the prayer list at work, he is on Austin Grove Baptist Church's prayer list, and I have asked several close friends to be lifting him (and you) up. Yesterday after I got home, the phone rang, and it was KLOVE radio station (94.1 in this area). They called me just out of the blue to ask if there was any prayer concerns that we had, and I told them about Garren.
We are praying for a full and complete recovery for Garren, for a peace that passes all understanding for you and all the other immediate family members, and for God to move in ways that no one has ever seen before and that anyone who is in contact with your family that does not know God will know Him because of the way he moves in this situation.
May God hold you close, give you strength, and help you through these trying days.