February 24, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011 8:00pm

Today is day 21. Three weeks ago everything was normal.

This morning was a tough one for me. Watching Garren sit nearly motionless is agonizing. I haven’t heard his voice in three weeks. I haven’t seen him be silly, make a sarcastic remark. He hasn’t given me a hug. He hasn’t complained about...anything.
Garren continued his second day of therapy today.

Each Thursday the rehab team meets to discuss each of the patients, and to set goals for both Garren and for us.

Garren’s doctor wants to conduct a sleep test on Garren. She thinks he may have a form of sleep apnea. This can happen as a result of the part of the brain that was injured. He will be tested tomorrow. This will help her figure out the best way to proceed. One of the things they want to do along with the therapy is give Garren some neuro-stimulants. There are quite a few medications that can help stimulate brain activity. Whatever medication she chooses, in conjunction with continued therapy, should help Garren to continue to wake up.

Nancy and I are working toward getting into a normal routine this next week. The plan is for whoever is staying home that night to be home in time for the girls to get home from school. Hopefully this will help us all get some sort of normality, and also give us the chance to get some more restful down time.

I am really excited about this weekend. Southbrook Monroe Campus is celebrating 2 years as a campus this weekend. We're having lunch right after the service. There are some other things planned, but since I've been out of the loop I don't know what those are. I am definitely planning to be there to celebrate. Why don't you bring a friend, and come join us?

Also, I will be sharing in each of our services this weekend. I'll be at the Weddington Campus at both 9am and 11am services. Then I'll be at the Monroe Campus during the 11am service. I can't wait to see many of you there.


Anonymous said...

We are so excited about this weekend...can't believe it's been 2 years! I'm so happy that you are going to be here to share it with us! We miss you all so much.
I pray you'll get to hear Garren's voice soon...and that the complaining will drive you nuts again before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Normal is good...even though normal is different right now, it's still good. I know many have asked, but I'll throw it out there again...if there's anything any of us can do to help, please say so.

I can only imagine how much you must miss the voice, the hugs, and everything in between. When I read your post, I couldn't help but feel the tug on my heart strings. We continue to pray and pray and pray. As always, thank you for sharing all of you with all of us. In for the long haul, The Sisk Family

Anonymous said...

Praying for Garren to break through.....praying for you all too, I can't imagine the emotions you must go through each day. Lord, I ask you to hold the heaviness that weighs on the hearts of the Janes. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Bless your hearts. I can't imagine the longing your heart feels to hear Garren's voice...to feel his arms wrapped around you both or to just see a grin come across his face. I know you miss him so, even though he's there...heart-wrenching is all I can think of @ the moment.
So we pray for patience and strength tonight...and we pray for healing for Garren...we know it's a process, but I know God can still perform miracles. It's all in his time, but in his time he will let u hear Garren's voice& sweet giggles and get those hugs.
We pray they come soon for you all....

Hope you guys can get some rest tonight as you continue to settle into the new routines....please let us know if we can do anything...anytime!

Love ya'll,
Donna, Ritchie, Racheal, Katherine, Luke, Madelyn, and Brady

JpJfsMama said...

We are praying for Garren's continued recovery every night with our boys. And we pray for stength, rest and faith for your whole family. Thank you for updating us all so consistently.

In Jesus,
The Waldrons

Kristi said...

Just praying for Garren tonight. That he is calm, comfortable and at ease. That he speaks soon. That he breaks through. That he knows how loved he is. That he knows how much his family loves him.



LolaandStan said...

Lamentations 3:22-24
The steadfast love of the Lord never changes. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness. "The LORD is my portion," says my soul, "therefore I will hope in him."

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Janes family...today, we pray for more baby steps and touches from God in Garren's life...try not to let discouragement or fear grip you...remember God has a plan, and God, being good, well, it has to be a good plan...smile...love, Sandy & Russ

Chris Hogan said...

Praying for continued peace for you and Nancy. I am continually amazed how parts of the brain can learn to take over for damaged areas. Sean is now doing Algebra even though that is an area of his brain that was damaged. He has gone from not knowing his abc's to now doing Algebra. He couldn't skip or walk in a straight line and now is playing basketball. He couldn't remember something I just told him to do, but now has a job at Chick-fil-A. It has been 6 long years of good days and tough days, but God continues to restore Sean. Continue to believe in God's amazing healing. Praying daily for your family. :)

Anonymous said...

we cannot even to begin to imagine the heartbreaking pain that you and Nancy are going through. our hearts ache for you both! we know you miss every detail about Garren, while he is in this resting time!
I have stopped trying to figure out God's plan in all of this and I am just praying for you all...daily...several times a day....I leave your blog up on my desktop so each time I walk by you guys are there...and we pray. And we will continue to pray and interceed on your behalf! Last night at MCA family chapel service Morgan and I prayed for you all. We continue to pray for wisdom for each person who comes in contact with Garren. We pray God's grace will substain during this time!
<>< t

Anonymous said...

Nothing grabs at our hearts like something happening to one of our children. Their souls are knit with ours and their pain is our pain just as their joy is our joy. I will tell you what a friend of mine told her son when they were dealing with her cancer. He was crying and wanting things to return to "normal", she told him that they were all going to have a "new normal" from now on. We are creatures of habit and anything out of our norm is scary and unsettling. It is the big "UNKNOWN" they drives us crazy. We are all in the fight with you and are asking the Lord to calm you all in the storm, He does shout "peace be still" when it's time. Continue resting in Him, He never fails. Donna Lochridge