February 07, 2011

Update on Garren's Surgery

The doctor just spoke with us. He said that this was definitely the right thing to do, and he is glad they did it. Garren will be sedated for several days, if not the entire week. We will not know anything until they start to ween him off of the sedation.

It's going to be a long week. The doctor recommended strongly that we start taking shifts, driving home, getting into a routine. This will be very hard, especially for Nancy. Please pray for peace for Nancy. Give her a calm to be able to do what she needs to do to take care of herself.

Continue to pray for Garren's swelling. That is stil the biggest issue at this point.


Anne Radke: Piedmont Middle said...

Thoughts and prayers continue from both the Radke family, and Piedmont Middle School.

Chuck said...

I do not personally know Garren or the family, but have been keeping up through a mutual friend and continue to pray for Garren and his family. Hang tough big guy!!

Anonymous said...

Nancy and Geoffrey,
These are trying times, but you must stay strong and take care of yourselves and your girls. Garren is being taken care of by the wonderful staff there as well as the Lord watching over him. I know it is hard to leave Garren for even a moment, but he knows and feels your love as his body begins the healing process. We are praying for you all everyday. Thank you, Geoffrey, for keeping us updated on his condition.
Love to all,
Cathy and David
Aunt Juanita & Uncle Gene

Anonymous said...

How is Garrens breathing problems going? Please include updates as we continue to pray for him.

Michelle said...

Praise God for bringing Garren through the surgery... what reassurance from the physician! We continue to cling to Jesus and pray for Garren's complete recovery. He is able!

Anonymous said...

Geoffrey, Nancy and Family,
Our Hearts and Prayers are with you and Garren.

Love to you all,
Scott, Alicia, Kayla, Celaya and Taylor Cooper

Anonymous said...

Praise God! Holding you all close in prayer still. Have said many prayers for Nancy and will continue. God is good and he is faithful.
Love you all,
Kendall and Sue

Paul & Carole Brese said...

Geoffrey & Nancy,
You all are in our hearts and prayers. As parents we know how difficult this must be. Our prayers are continuously with you. Thank you for the updates. We love you guys!

Paul and Carole Brese

Billy said...

We love you guys...and are standing with you in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Geoffrey, Thank you so much for taking time for the updates to help us stay informed and know what to pray for in particular. And please do let us know of any physical comforts or needs or ways in which we can be useful as you think of them. We are praying....
Terry, Dawn and Tia Randolph

Anonymous said...

Geoffrey and Nancy,

We are praying for Garren to heal. I am here at Duke medical center in Durham with Johua. He had surgery on Saturday am to close a spinal fluid leak. He was having terrible headaches and fever from it, but he is feeling much beeter now. I told him about Garren, and we are thinking of him and praying for his healing. Josh will be here all week.

Under His wing,
Mari Pedersen

Anonymous said...

Thank you that your love,grace,mercy,strength,wisdom & peace are new very day & that you are the same yesterday,today & forever more.

I'd also just like to say thanks for the doctors & staff that you have put in place to watch over Garren & to comfort Nancy, Geoffery & their family.


We LOVE YOU Janes family
David,Deloris,Lauren Camille

Anonymous said...

Geoffery, Nancy and family,
Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to all of you during this diffcult time. Garren is an AWESOME boy and he is tough....he will pull through this. Make sure you have his football by his side since that is one of his loves in life. He left such an impression on us while we taught him during 4th/5th grade at Southbrook. We think of him are praying for him often. If you need anything please let us know.
Tammy and Scott Chastain

Troy said...

Hey Sunshine....hang in there! We are all prayin for you. Get well soon bud

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you and my family is praying for you. I miss you at school. Kiwi
aka: Keena McLemore

Anonymous said...

We love you all and have our community praying as well. Even when it is hard to understand, God is still in control. The Sutherlands

Anonymous said...

Nancy and Geoffrey,
From the Main campus...We are keeping you in our prayers - that God would give Garren complete healing and that he would give you and your family a peace beyond all understanding. Thank you for the updates. We are so thankful that the surgery went well. You are very much loved.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Janes: My daughter, Christi, had AIG classes with Garren at PRMS. She was so upset when he was redistricted to Piedmont. She talked about him all the time and still does even with him at Piedmont. They are very good friends who share a strong Christian relationship. She always looks to Garren for spiritual guidance. In reading your blogs, I can see where he gets it. We are members of Shiloh Baptist Church and want you to know Garren is also on the prayer list there. My heart goes out to your family as the waiting seems the mountain you are climbing. Keep trusting that God is in control and can tear down that mountain. May HE continue to strengthen you and Mrs. Janes. I strongly feel that Garren will continue to touch people's lives more than ever before.

Love In Christ,
Pam Mayhew

Anonymous said...

Praying for Garren's recovery.

Michele Shirley said...

Father God, we too stand in agreement for Garren's full recovery. We thank you that you are our healer and our comforter, in you we can find rest. In Jesus precious name, AMEN.

Geoffrey and family...please know that we are praying.
Todd, Michele, Kyle, Ryan, Ross and Jayce

Mary said...

I have not had the opportunity to meet Garren or any of the family, but follow the daily updates. Continuing to pray for Garren's recovery. God's love, peace, and strength to you all.

Anonymous said...

We really appreciate this "blog" and the information that comes with it. We are continuing to pray for Garren and the entire family, as well.

Anonymous said...

Geoffrey, I'm praying for Garren to be healed and that you and Nancy are at peace. Mark McLain