February 15, 2011

Tuesday February 15 11:00am

Today is day 11.
We read Exodus 26 together today. It is God's instructions for building the tabernacle. He goes into detail, describing exact sizes and colors. Every detail was of the utmost importance. As I was reading about the intricate details of the tabernacle I thought about something. In the past I've always read this passage and wondered why. Why are these details so important to God? Why not just say "Build something, and come together, and worship me."

As I was reading these details I couldn't help but think about Garren's body, and the intricate detail with which each of our bodies was formed. God designed each of us, exactly the way we are, to accomplish exactly what He wants us to accomplish. I think that one of the reasons God gave these particular instructions for building the tabernacle was to show us that He is a God who truly cares about details. Not just the details of the place of worship, but the details of each of our lives. He cares deeply about every detail of your life.

Overnight and this morning Garren has taken a couple more small steps. He was biting on his breathing tube last night. This morning the neuro-surgeon removed the drain from Garren's head. The drain was there to help keep swelling down by allowing excess fluids to escape. It was also used to monitor pressures on his brain. The nurse just finished removing a couple more lines that were attached to Garren. These are all steps in moving Garren from ICU.

We continue to pray for complete healing to Garren's brain stem.


Torria said...

I was wondering why the instructions were so detailed too. What you said does indeed make sense to me now. :)

I am glad that Garren is still making progress. Still praying for you guys and I hope you are able to enjoy the warm weather a little bit... sunshine always does a body good! :)

Judith Bareham said...

That so helps! I found the passage really tough to read.
This is good to hear the progression of Garren every day. We prayed at Weddington this morning that you would receive encouragement in some specific form today. Thank you Jesus. Also that you and Nancy would be able to enjoy the beautiful weather outside if only for a few moments. Breathe in that air! Continuing to lift you up every day.
Judith and Jonathan.

Anonymous said...

Yep, God is in the details and He doesn't waste anything. He also provides a plan! That's a good thing. Continuing to pray for complete healing and lifting you all up to God.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining that passage because it's something I've always struggled to understand. Anyone who can look at the human body and it's complexity and still 'try' to argue that it was created by anything other than God is just beyond me. He created it, He can heal it! Praying for more positive signs to follow in the coming days. IFTLH, IHL, TSF

Anonymous said...

It amazes and inspires me how Garren is being used in that exact way.....making sense of scripture that before didn't make as much sense. God has a plan for everything....I am praying specifically for daily steps towards healing for Garren. Thank you for always sharing your thoughts and his progress.

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

My seventh grader is studying the intricacies of the human body in his science class from the perspective of how the miracle of our bodies couldn't possibly have just happened without an ingenious Creator.

As we pray we imagine the neurons that He is connecting together right now for Garren, the incredible design that is being restored for His glory.

Stephen said...

Praise God!!!! I am so thankful for the details that our Saviour cares about. His hand is establishing the little steps of improvement in Garren's body. We are unceasingly praying.

Anonymous said...

God is good! We are continuing to pray for all of you and Garren's medical professionals.
The Tripps

Anonymous said...

We are so glad Garren is making remarkable progress,..1 small step at a time. We continue our prayers.

The Radford's

Anonymous said...

So happy and thankful for all these small but God induced powerful steps!! Continuing to pray....love, Russ & Sandy

Anonymous said...

Nancy and Geoffrey,
So glad to hear the continuing good news you're able to share about Garren. On Tues mornings, I'm in a ladie's bible study at our church. It's called "Believing God" by Beth Moore...each week we learn about God's goodness and promises being revealed to the believer with belief and true GENUINE faith. I know that the two of you earnestly seek him and that you will be rewarded for that faith. (Hebrews 11:6) We'll continue to pray, we'll continue to believe and we'll continue to have genuine faith. God has touched some many lives thus far through Garren, but I believe he still has his own beautiful, detailed plan that he is going to "WOW" everyone with that we could never comprehend. Thank you for the updates. You guys still amaze us with your strength and endurance! God is Good!!

Love to you all,
Donna, Ritchie, Racheal, Katherine, Luke, Madelyn, and Brady.

Anonymous said...

Garren is never far from our prayers. Every small step forward is a step forward! Susan and Jax Jenkinson

Anonymous said...

So good to hear this. When you are in this type of situation, you get so excited with "small steps", steps that come natural to you and me. Keeping you guys in our prayers,
Craig, Sherie and Hannah Rushing

Anonymous said...

To all the Janes family and friends - I am continuing to pray for Garren and all of you.
Cammie Hemphill

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear of the progress. Our prayers are with you as always.

Kelly Tyler said...

Praising God for every bit of progress and continuing to pray for more.

Kelly Tyler

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news . . .all the small events and steps are leading to his recovery. We continue to stand with you in prayer for a complete recover for Garren.

chris & rich charpentier

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Garren....today is supposed to be almost 60 outside...it is sunny...we are praying for you all the time...when I am awake at night, doing the dishes, making beds, reading the Bible, trying to watch TV, all I can think of is all of you...please know that you and your family are so loved by so many...and so many are holding you and your family in prayers to our Mighty God!!! Love, Sandy & Russ