February 22, 2011

Tuesday February 2 9:30am

This morning we were waiting for Wellpath to approve Garren's move to rehab. The ICU doctors are ready to move Garren out. Yesterday the plan was to move him directly to rehab. This morning they were talking about moving Garren to a progressive care floor because they did not know when the insurance company would come through. So...I got on the phone, and our representative made a quick phone call to the insurance company. She called back within about 10 minutes and informed me that the insurance company had given authorization at 8:47 this morning. As I was writing this the charge nurse came and told me that my quick action got us the last available bed in rehab! Praise God! There was another patient that was vying for the same bed. Thank you Lord, we got it and we will be moving today!

Garren was on pressure support all night. This morning around 9am they took him off of the vent completely. Right now he is breathing on his own, with just a small stream of oxygen blowing over his airways. They will watch and see how Garren does with the breathing. It could be for an hour, it could be more, it just all depends on Garren.

The neuro-surgeon came in this morning to see Garren. He asked how Garren was doing. He waved his hand quickly toward Garren's face (his eyes were opened). You or I would blink, flinch, react to such a move. He said that it's like Garren is underwater, that things are blurry, not clear enough to see and react the way he needs to. He said we just need Garren to "break through the surface" of the water.

Pray that Garren will "break through the surface."


Anonymous said...

We are praying that he will "break through the surface"!!! We are standing firmly behind Garren, Kara, Kelsey, Nancy and You...we love you all!

Don & Rebecca Lloyd

Diann said...

Great news Geoffrey....I will pray for Garren to "break through" today.

Dear God of every age and circumstance,
who gives us life and time to live it,
we acknowledge the struggle of coping
with the uncertainty of our days.
We cannot know what is waiting for us along the way of this life’s journey and dare not imagine the threats that lie hidden in the days and challenges
of unseeable tomorrows; but we do know that YOU ARE ALREADY THERE, waiting to KEEP YOUR PROMISE to travel with us
and to provide the grace we will need
to live in the light of your love.

This is the prayer that I will pray for your family today...I also pray for strength, especially for Garren, as he transitions into rehab - NOW, go be a DOER Geoffrey! - Love you guys!

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

Breakthroughs happen all the time. Praying that it happens soon with Garren.

Anonymous said...

He will "break through that surface",....no doubt! We continue to pray for Garren & the entire Family!

Lori, Van & Ben Radford

Anne Radke- Piedmont Middle said...

We are praying for him to "break through"!

Anonymous said...

You got it!! Praying...love, Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

We will do just that! Thank you for the update and for giving us specific things to pray for. So thankful you were able to get the spot for him in rehab. Our close friend is a pediatric nurse in that nearby area and she said you can definitely feel God's hand working in the rehab unit. Have a blessed day and we'll pray for that break through. In for the long haul, The Sisk Family

Diann said...

Day 18 - I can't get this off my mind, feels like you've been there so long yet at the same time, feels like it was just yesterday....I can only imagine how you feel when you write Day 18 - I pray that you have the strength to look at the number of days not as the number of days Garren's been at the hospital, but the number of days closer towards complete restoration and healing for Garren - 18 more days of life that God has blessed Garren with. Each passing day marks another day that God has chosen life, a blessed life, for Garren! I thank God for this today...

Anonymous said...

thank you Jesus!! we pray for that "break through" and oh what a sweet reunion there will be!!!!you guys have had a very,very busy morning!! If there is anything we can help with the move, please let us know!
we are happy for you and we are praying!!!
<>< t

Rob Smith said...

Thank you for giving us a specific outcome to pray towards today. We miss you guys and are in awe of the answered prayer so far and your move to rehab.

Randall said...

And so we wait.....and pray......for that breakthrough! It will happen, but, as we wait...we must pray with all diligence expecting to see that breakthrough, that miracle we continue to pray for. As we found out for ourselves, God gives us little miracles at a time, and we wait, God's timing is perfect!! Prayer partners in WPB, Fl.

Anonymous said...

Father God,

You are a God who can break through anything. Garren is clay in the hand of the Potter and You will do whatsoever You will with Your own. We are a watching world, waiting to see what You will do for Your own glory and the Janes' good in this situation laid out before us. Thank You for the opportunity to be part of the answer through our intercessions. "Our God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing our God cannot do!" May the Lord show Himself strong on Garren's behalf today. And thank You for the way they got the room Lord! Donna Lochridge

Anonymous said...

Will be praying for the break through that the doctor is telling you is necessary. Praying also that God will give you and Nancy the strength to "do" what is being asked of you as you work with Garren. I look forward to reading your blog each day . . .thank you for taking the time to keep us informed.
Love to you and your family,
Chris & Rich Charpentier

Anonymous said...

Tim and I are praying that JESUS will break through FOR Garren. We love you guys and thank God for you.
Layne Madaris