February 13, 2011

Sunday February 13, 2011 8:00am

Day 9. It seems like it all happened just yesterday. It all feels like a dream. Garren is struggling right now with blood pressure issues. The doctors are giving him medicine to help stabilize the blood pressure. No new movements overnight. My prayer today is for complete and whole resotration and healing. We will continue to watch for very small improvements and responses.

The best way you can pray for Garren is that he will respond to pain when the doctors pinch him. If you were pinched, how would your body respond? That's what we need Garren to do. Although he's shown some small responses, I'd love to see him punch the doctor!

I know many of you will be worshipping in your home churches around the world. I know you will be lifting Garren before the Lord today. We thank you for that. God has done some amazing things through this circumstance. I truly believe there is a lot more to come.

I will update you later as our day develops.
Thanks for praying for Garren.


rick said...

Father God I lift up Garren in your name and know that if you choose to, that you could bring him complete and perfect healing right now. We don't know what your will is but we do know that through this your name has been lifted high above all things and that the Janes family has been faithfull through it all. I pray right now that today you would give them a sign of your presence in this circumstance. That they would be made aware of your strength and goodness. I pray for healing for Garren Father.

The Wilkie's

Gary said...

How amazing to see the Lord using our children and grandchildren to magnify Him, to trust Him, and to bring others to Him!

Grateful parents and grandparents,

Judy and Gary Janes

Lynn Rogers said...

We are called to holiness and holiness often involves "heat." To be holy means to be set apart for God--separated from anything unclean or impure. To refine and purify us, God sometimes uses the furnace of affliction. The prophet Isaiah said, "
When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned." (Isaiah 43:2); he didn't say if.
And the apostle Peter said that we should not be surprised by trials (1 Peter 4:12). None of us knows when we'll be called to walk through the fire or how hot the furnace will be. But we know this: God's purpose for the flames is to purify us, not to destroy us.
Julie Ackerman Link
Our Daily Bread 1/11/11
-Continue to pray, Kaitlyn Rogers' family

Anonymous said...

For days now, I've thought about Job in the O.T.; how he was upright, and the enemy came before God, asking permission to test him. God already knew Job well enough to know that he would pass each test, and would continue to praise God. Your family has continued to magnify His name though all of this, from your words and actions starting at Day One. Out of suffering, it appears God is indeed causing a revival. We are praying continuously. I pray for God's peace and rest and love to surround you now.


Anonymous said...

The 9 AM service at Southbrook was packed this morning...Just can't help but think the way God is using Garren has something to do with it...we sang praise to the Lord, led by Pastor Greg and Mia...it felt good to just let it out, all the while, keeping Garren and our prayers for him flowing. Hug him for us and tell him how much he's loved by many. God Bless and keep you sustained on this beautiful day! In for the long haul, In His Love,
The Sisk Family

Ben Mowery and family said...

We pray each day for a sign...a sign from Garren is a sign from God! We pray for peace and we pray for healing! Our arms and hearts are around you during these days...STAY STRONG GARREN...STAY STRONG! much love to you all!

Taylor Stump said...

I hope that Garren recovers quickly and we are still praying for him.