February 16, 2011

Complexities Beyond Our Understanding

The human body is amazingly complex.

I spent some time with one of the doctors last evening, just picking his brain. He has worked in pediatric intensive care for nearly 12 years. He also has a special interest and has done research in the area of brain trauma. He had a few minutes of downtime, so I asked him some things about the brain.

The more I talk to these guys, the more I realize that there is a lot they do not know about the human body. There is just so much to know, so many factors, and yet still so many unknowns. Everybody is different, every situation is unique. And when you get to the brain, it’s a whole new level of unknowing. The brain can relearn, re-heal, reset - but they don’t know why or how. When brain cells die due to an injury, other parts of the brain kick in and start learning how to do what the injured part is supposed to do. (It sounds like a science fiction movie!) There have been hundreds of studies throughout recent years, thousands of attempts to try and crack the code, with very little headway.

I said to the doctor, "we just can’t seem to crack the code?" He said “It’s as you said before, Geoffrey, there is this “Higher Power” that seems to have put this whole thing together, and it is so complicated, there are so many factors present, it is nearly impossible to nail it down."

He told me that when a typical injury occurs to the brain, there are at least 75-100 “events” that take place at the neuron level within the brain to cause inflammation. That’s 75-100 events that they know of. There could be, and probably are, many more! I had asked him if there were any medications that might be available to help speed up the brain recovery process. That’s when he told me about these complexities. There are just too many things going on to be able to target them all and reverse the inflammation! The brain is just too complex!

You know what I think? I believe that there are things that God just isn’t going to allow us to discover or understand. The brain is a fascinating part of the human body. It goes way beyond human understanding. I don’t think we will ever figure it out. I think God wants to hang on to some of his creation, and keep us in awe. That’s what God does. If we could figure it all out, we could find a way to handle things without God.


Anonymous said...

So very true Pastor! Thank you so much for the update...we've prayed for a good day, for Garren, and for each of you. We'll pray for resetting, relearning, and restoration. IFTLH, IHL, TSF

Anonymous said...

Only know Garren from several friends, but he is being prayed for! So true, about knowing all of Gods creations, thats why we stand in amazement of what He does. I pray for Garrens healing and for your strength to stand each minute! God is good and knows what is best. Lots of people say, God won't put anything on us we can't handle, but the truth is He doesn't put anything on us that He can't handle! He has this, He sees the end and sees how many folks have been touched and blessed by this remarkable young man and his family of faith! Prayers are continuing!

Anonymous said...

Pastor Geoffrey...you are such a witness and joy to us who read of your faith in our God, and are awed by the complexities of God's creation of the human body...I am so proud of you, Nancy, and your family for your witness...steady the course...continue to hold on to all these absolute truths of the love of God...know we are (and I mean a lot of "we") are praying for Garren and for all of you...love, Sandy & Rus

Gary and Brenda said...

So, we pray for you, and then in return we get encouragement back from you, from a place we can't go, a place you wish you didn't have to be.

This is not a site of updates. This is a place of life.

You've never been a pastor more than you are now.

The Mowery Family said...

Praying and thinking of you all today! More news...good news...progress and hope! Little steps at a time! You are close to our hearts! God is good!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Even in time such as this we have our Lord and creator to help you and in turn your are ministering to all of us with you heart and wisdom. I believe the Lord has given you grace to handle challenge in you life. Please continue the updates and insights. There may be someone reading these updates who may be searching and wondering how you can be so positive. Thanks again!
Tony Yacono

Anonymous said...

As I was reading your update this afternoon you stated “When brain cells die due to an injury, other parts of the brain kick in and start learning how to do what the injured part is supposed to do.” It struck me that I believe that is how God intended to set us up too. Us….as the body of Christian believers, we are all in this together. Your immediate family has been injured so your extended family will learn to do what you can’t do right now. We will be stronger friends and prayer warriors. We will support your family while you “relearn, re-heal, and reset.” I pray that you, Nancy, Kara, Garren & Kelsy feel the strength of the rest of the “body” kicking in and that it gives you comfort, rest & peace!
Sarah Prewitt

Anonymous said...

still praying for ya garren.. been there in your familey's situation befour i almost lost my grandmother to the exact same thing but god still had something in store for her so because of that she still lives... get better soon sunshine!


Diann said...

Geoffrey...I read this post hours ago, and still hang on to your last paragraph...what an amazing conclusion and how true. I know that Garren already knows what an amazing Dad you are, but I do believe that he will truly treasure all these amazing updates that you've been sharing with everyone when he gets to read them. Thank you for continuing to inspire faith, hope, and love in all of us!

Cheryl Burford said...

"I am not skilled to understand..."
The amazing knowledge , wisdom, and power of God - more than I can wrap my mind around, means He is bigger than you and me. It's a good thing, or who could we run to?This is the God who loves us and is cradling Garren in His arms. How comforting is that?! :)
Thanks for the reminder. We love you.
Cheryl Burford

Anonymous said...

I read this article when it came out last year:
Very fascinating, especially the part about the Other Brain. The 90's weren't that long ago (for us folks 30 and above), and it was only then we discovered that glia wasn't just for holding neuron's together, they just didn't communicate electrically! WOW!! So much still to learn.
And you are correct, we do try to do things and handle things without God, and that is when we fail. Only through him can we have any measure of success.