February 20, 2011

Sunday February 20, 2011 7:00pm

It's like watching paint dry. You can stare at it for hours and nothing seems to change. But if you walk away and come back the next day, it does change.

Watching Garren wake up is like that. Nancy and I stare at him all day. Nothing seems to change. But when we think about where he was a week ago, we are amazed at the progress he is making.

This morning the neuro-surgeon came to see Garren. I told to him that Garren's eyes stay open for longer periods of time now, that sometimes Garren blinks when I ask him to, and that Garren moved his toes. He said "This is the silent time. There will be slow progress while we wait for his brain to heal."

Later, the doctors making their rounds talked about Garren's breathing. They decided to try lowering Garren's ventilator rate from 6 to 4 (breaths per minute). Their goal is to get Garren vent free, possibly even this week.

Garren is on the waiting list for rehab. There are only 13 beds. As soon as one frees up, we are moving. That could happen anytime in the next 2-3 days. Rehab is on the 4th floor in the same building we are in now, so we won't have to move far.

And finally, tonight Garren moved his toes again. While we were talking to him, encouraging him to move his toes, he also moved his left thumb.

The doctors are saying positive things like they haven't since we've been here. We're trying to take this all in stride. We realize there will not always be good news. It's hard not to get too excited with the great things that have happened today.

I am looking forward to rehab. It will be a lot of work, but it's got to be better than sitting around watching paint dry!


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! That is great news and you should be excited. We're excited too! We'll just all keep praying...maybe in a couple of weeks, he will in fact be strong enough to punch the doctor. We love praying for him and for all of you, so when we read your posts, we want to pray even harder because we know God is working in Garren. In for the long haul, The Sisk Family

Louise Glover said...

We are all so thrilled with the small steps you are seeing. At "Garren's light post" tonight, we prayed for strength for all of you. Your neighbors are constantly lifting you, your family and all of the medical staff up to our loving God.

Patti Griffin said...

You are exactly right!! He has made amazing progress since last week, this time! I am so sorry for all you and your family are having to endure - even Garren. I can't imagine how he is handling all of this. So today in Children's Church, I shared with the children about last week as we were praying for Garren, he opened his eyes! God is listening to our prayers! So we are not giving up! We prayed again today for Garren. These little children who don't even know him are praying for him! How precious is that! Thank you for the update. Also, I am sorry for the loss of your grandfather. I will praying for you and the family!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear such good news! We love you and continue to pray for you... Keith and Carman

Michelle Singleton and Family said...

Praise God for such good news! We are thrilled to hear of Garren's progress and I believe this is just the beginning of more good news to come. We love you all and we've got you covered in prayer.

Kristi said...

Praying for you all! Please let Jen know if you all need any assistance at all. At home, in your yard, at Monroe, anything!!



Anonymous said...

My daughter, Macky and I just painted Garren a few pictures for his new room. We are thrilled with the news. We pray for a restful evening for your entire family and peace as you wait for the paint to dry!!!
<>< t

Anonymous said...

Watching paint dry is long, but, when the paint is dry, the room is beautiful....in so many ways....when Garren's painting is done, what a picture he will have to share....and, just so you know, we are all praying for the paint to dry. We love you...praying without ceasing, Russ & Sandy

Johanna said...

My name is Johanna, I'm in the 7th grade at Piedmont Middle School. I don't know Garren, but he's been in my prayers every night. I'm happy to read about his baby steps, I check this blog everyday. My relationship with God has grown stronger recently. I thank you for posting these blogs, keeping us all updated. Your family will be in my prayers. <3

Diann said...

Awsome news Geoffrey....complete healing is on our prayer list today and every day!! Atta boy Garren...we are so proud of all the progress you've made already! What a warrior you are!!!!

Anonymous said...

Geoffrey& Nancy,
Praying for you guys tonight and knowing that our God is still in control! I know this process is long& not @ all fun..much like watching paint dry. We talked about Garren today in Sunday school & lifted him up in a special prayer.
I assure you that Garren is God's canvas right now...he is painting a beautiful picture & story for many people to witness & be marveled by his healing. He is showing many people that he is still able to perform miracles...even if it's on a baby step format right now.
We continue to trust& believe. We continue to pray for patience, strength, understanding& endurance for you all.

Love you all,
Ritchie, Donna, Racheal, Katherine, Luke, Madelyn& Brady

Tony said...

Again we are seeing God work through you eyes. Geoffrey I hope you are keeping these writings of yours in journal or an external hard drive so you can share them with you son. I also believe that when our Lord completely heals Garren it would be material for a book. We have all gone through hard times and have really searched for our Lord's guidance as you and Nancy are doing at this time. Your messages in this Blog have touched many and shone a light on our God and yours and Nancy's faith. We will continue to hold each of you up in prayer and await each baby step.
Tony Yacono

The Payne's said...

Thank you so much for keeping us updated on Garren's progress. Garren and the whole family are in our prayers. Thank you God for baby steps!
The Payne's

Torria said...

Still praying for you guys. :) Good to hear that Garren continues to make good progress.

The Hutaffs said...

Step by step! Garren's progress each day is amazing. I loved your analogy about paint drying! So true! Watching someone heal from a brain injury is also like watching an artist create a mosaic. As he places the colored glass on the canvas, it looks random to those watching. And then as more and more pieces of glass are placed, the picture starts to unfold. Finally it is complete. What was in the artist's mind from the start is evident to those watching the artist work! And it is always worth waiting for....always!
You continue to be on our hearts and in our prayers.
Love, Susan

Kevin Conklin said...

I cannot imagine how hard all of this must be on you all. No one truly can! God's ways are just too mysterious to understand, for His ways are higher than our ways! Be strong and courageous for the Lord God is with you...He goes before you, comes behind you and His angels encamp around you! Enough said!
Kevin Conklin

Anonymous said...

Keep trusting in God, resting in His arms, allowing Him to work. May His wisdom, power and strength give all of you peace. His timing is perfect.
Thank you, GOD, for healing Garren and for your perfect timing. May we focus our eyes on Your Son, Jesus.
In His Precious Name. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Knowing what to say is not always necessary, just the presence of caring friends can make a world of difference.....we want you all to know that we really do not know what to say at this time but that we are continuing to pray for your family (Garren's recovery--your family's peace of mind and the doctors knowledge all coupled with God's great plan)...We have never met but hear from you everyday through Katherine and Donna..You have been such a source of strength during this time for so many and I know that at times you must get really tired....We were sorry to hear of your Grandfather's passing and will pray for you to have the comfort you need for this loss. Please know that you are in our prayers several times during the day and that we will "help you watch the paint dry....to see the beautiful pictures that God will paint in the end....Know that you have a lot of caring friends and people who you have never met that are touched by Garren's story and the faith that his family has....Thomas and Lynda Cureton