February 06, 2011

Sunday February 6, 2011 11:00am

They stopped the paralytic medicine that was keeping Garren's body calm. The stopped all sedatives and pain medicine. The doctors are looking for Garren to start responding.

Around 9am he was not responding to pain. They took Garren to get a CT scan. The scan revealed some swelling still on the brain.

When they got him back to the room, we noticed a few blinks. His eyes started to blink (Though they are still closed).

We also saw his foot move a couple of times, as well as his hand.

These movements could be good or not, it's too early to tell. But it is a glimmer of hope none-the-less.

People's bodies respond differently to brain trauma, and it may still be a little early for Garren to respond.

We will continue to lift him up to our wonderful LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

Please know that our hearts, thoughts and prayers have been with you. We pray for Garrens quick and complete recovery. We Praise our Lord, Jesus, for he alone can work miracles. We love you.
Your friends
Rich & Sandra

Sue said...

We are praying....Jerry and Sue Wilbur

Anonymous said...

We are friends of the Aboods and are members of the same church. We have been praying for you all since we first got the prayer chain request in the email. Please know our parents hearts are with you in this trial and our prayers go before you - with you and behind you as a shield of the Lord surrounding you. "He is fortress we can run into and be safe". Lean harder on Him, He never fails.
The Lochridge Family

Faith Ann Gunn said...

As grandparents of a 15 year old grandson, this has especially touched my heart and want you to know that prayers for Garren have been going up from Alabama!

Faith Ann Gunn
Wetumpka, AL

Anonymous said...

Praying for your sweet Garren and your whole family from Matthews.