October 23, 2007


What is "it?" We work all of our lives to achieve "it." We graduate from high school, then go to college-to study for "it." We then put together a resume and search the job market, all the while trying to accomplish "it."

Maybe "it" is not the end. Maybe "it" is not something we finally achieve, at least not in this lifetime.

Could it be that we have missed the real question? Maybe we should be asking ourselves if we are being used by God to accomplish His work for us no matter where we are or what we are doing. The thing is, no matter how many times you thing you have finally reached "it," you are left with a feeling of dissatisfaction. We get there and then stand around wondering "now what?" There is more to life than getting to the top, accomplishing goals, finishing projects. These are all good and important things. Goals are important. But if all we live for is to get to the end of the next goal, to finally achieve "it," then we have completely missed the boat.

Where does God have you planted right now? Are you being used by Him, right where you are, to accomplish the job He has for you?

October 18, 2007

Hugs & Kisses

Kelsey turns 3 this month. She has been going through a stage that is rather humorous to me. Every time anyone tries to leave our house, Kelsey HAS to give them a hug and a kiss. If she is busy doing something, and I walk out the door without the hug and kiss, she will begin screaming hysterically, running out into the drive, tears running down her cheeks, screaming "Don't weave! I regot to give you a hug and a kiss!"

This morning as I was leaving, I said "Kelsey, I'm leaving now." She was in the middle of painting a picture at the table. She said (very calmly for a change) "Daddy, let me give you a hug and a kiss or I might start screaming."

Where do they come up with this stuff? Who knows...I just hope she never stops giving me hugs and kisses.

October 15, 2007

Why Do We Get Nervous?

Why do we get nervous when we talk to people about spiritual things? Is it because we are thinking more about what people might think or what God might think?

This question really challenged me. We spend so much time trying to make everything "relevant." We spend so much time trying not to "offend" those who don't believe the same way we do. We overthink every word, every thought. For what? So that we might be less offensive to a "seeker?" We want to protect a "potential believer" from the truth of God, because they might not be ready to hear the truth?

Why do we get nervous when we talk to people about spiritual things?

What about people who already follow Christ? We talk about accountability. We say we believe in God, but act like we don't. We protect our little kingdom at all cost, pushing aside the Kingdom of God - all that really matters.

As Christ followers we have the responsible to speak truth into the lives of those around us. Not in an arrogant, condescending way. But in love. We mustn't waste opportunities to help each other grow.

Why do we get nervous when we talk to people about spiritual things?

It's time we set aside out own agendas and fears. It's time to stand up and live what we say we believe.

October 13, 2007

The 80/20 Rule

Football season is in full swing. Have you ever stopped to think about what is really going on during a game? Look at it this way - there are 70,000 fans in desperate need of exercise watching 22 men in desperate need of rest do all the work.

Church ends up being a lot like this. Look around the next time you are in church. It is estimated that about 80% of those who attend church do nothing more than just sit for 1 hour each week. The other 20% are doing all the work. No wonder so many volunteers get burned out! But it's not just in the area of service that this is true. It holds true for giving as well. About 20% of the givers give over 80% of the total amount that comes in! Unbelievable!

If we could see things from a bigger perspective, from a Kingdom perspective, we'd be much more likely to give our time and money to the things that matter most.

Pray that God will show you what you need to do now.

October 10, 2007

Burn For You

At Catalyst last weekend I had the opportunity to hear some great worship music led by Steve Fee. One of the songs on his latest CD is called "Burn For You." This song puts into words something that I have been feeling and experiencing in my own life. Check out the words:

There's a stirring in my heart, unexplainable
There's a calling on my days, undeniable
There's a fire in my bones, uncontainable
And it's causing me to burn, causing me to burn
It's causing me to burn for you!

I'll go anywhere
I'll do anything
At any cost for You my king

There's a passion in my heart for the world to see
Revival fires burning, great awakening
And there's a raging fire inside this soul of mine
And it's causing me to burn, causing me to burn
It's causing me to burn for you!

I pray that God, if He hasn't already, will put a passion in your heart to see the world come to know and love Him. That's what it's all about. I hope the fire never dies in my own heart.

October 08, 2007

Effective Parenting

In our small group last night we continued our journey through a study on parenting called "Effecting Parenting in a Defective World."
The main point was to focus on the importance of the relationships we have (or don't have) with our children. No matter what we do, or make sure our kids do, as a part of growing up, if we don't develop a relationship that bonds, our children are much more likely to make poor choices when they grow up.

Here are 8 keys for building relationships that bond. Which ones are you good at? Which ones need work?
  1. Unconditional Love - Have you committed to love your kids no matter what?
  2. Scheduled Time - Is time with your family as important as scheduled meetings at work?
  3. Focused Attention - Do you listen with you full focused attention when you kids talk to you?
  4. Eye Contact - Do you look at your kids when they are talking to you.
  5. Ongoing Communication - Do you have dinner as a family? Do you put your kids in bed? Do you share experiences together?
  6. Meaningful Touching - Do you hug (or wrestle with) your kids regularly?
  7. Have Fun Together - Lighten up - no need to be so serious all the time.
  8. Pray Together Often - Do you make it a point to pray for and with you kids...often?
So? How are you doing? I hope you will pick one area and work on it this week.

October 06, 2007

Catalyst 2007

I just got back from Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite quotes from some of the difference speakers.

Shane Claiborne
  • Community is surrounding ourselves with people who are like what we want to become.
  • I'm giving up Christianity to go and follow Jesus.
Francis Chan
  • Every time I get up to speak the Holy Spirit is supernaturally speaking through me, through God's Word.
  • Say whatever God has told you to say, don't hold back, don't be afraid of the people.
  • If Jesus or Paul had a church, mine would be bigger, because it would be cooler. People would leave their churches to come to mine. Because they would call their people to a higher level of commitment. (let that sink in...)
Craig Groeschel
  • A Practical Atheist believes that God exists but lives as if He doesn't.
  • We become practical atheists when we believe that our efforts are greater than God's power.
  • We become practical atheists when we believe that our private life doesn't effect our public ministry.
  • We become practical atheists when we believe that we must please people more than we please God.