February 21, 2011

Special Visitors

Many of you have dropped by over the past couple of weeks. We are so thankful for the encouragement that brings. I wanted to point out two special visits that we have had in the past couple of days:

Yesterday, one of the football coaches dropped by with something special for Garren. He said,"Since Garren is going to rehab this week, he's going to need this" and he handed me Garren's football jersey. Awesome!

This afternoon we got a visit from Michael Abbott. Michael is in the first grade at United Faith, and is working on his LOVE project for school. He decided to do his LOVE project for Garren. Michael sent out a letter to all of his friends and family, asking for money to help us cover some of the costs for food. Michael dropped by this afternoon with his family to meet us and to deliver the funds he had raised.

Michael, it was great to meet you today. Thank you for putting so much hard work into your LOVE project, and thank you for doing this for Garren. It means a lot!


Anonymous said...

And we dare ask God why this is happening??? Praise the Lord for all this love for you from Him....continuing to pray...love, Sandy & Russ

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

Love what the little one from UFCA is doing. Continuing to pray, Geoffrey, Nancy.

Michelle Singleton said...

Praise God for caring coaches and daring little boys with LOVE projects!

Anonymous said...

Wow . . Praise God for a "Special Coach and a little boy with his LOVE project. A reminder that God is watching over Garren.

God's love and peace surround you as you stand watch for God to move on Garren's behalf. . . .continuing to pray !
Chris & Rich

Anonymous said...

So great to read and listen at how people have been touched and motivated by Garren's story. Glad you're surrounded by people who genuinely care and want to help...a special coach indeed and a precious little boy with a big heart...God has brought each one in to your lives for a reason. As I said in an earlier post, Garren has touched hearts from the very young, to the very old, and everything in between. Continuing to pray... In for the long haul, The Sisk Family

Anonymous said...

Go Michael!! what an awesome job !!! and I know Garren will be excited to see his jersey when he wakes up!! We are praying and believing today! The one thing I have learned in my short 47 years is...GOD IS GOOD!!! regardless of what the day brings...at the setting of the sun...God is Good!!
He hears our prayers.. I am thankful.
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