February 07, 2011

Monday February 7, 2011 11:00am

The neuro-surgeons met with me and Nancy a few minutes ago. They are recommending that Garren go back into surgery. They are concerned about the swelling. The surgery will remove another piece of his skull around the affected area. This will give the brain a little more room to expand, relieving some of the pressure.

The surgery will be sometime around noon.

I asked the surgeon if he had kids. He said yes. I asked him if he would do this if it was his son. He said absolutely.

Thank you for your prayers.


Tasha Via said...

I could never express how deeply affected our family has been since we heard about Garren.

Geoffrey, we love you all and are prying earnestly for strength and peace for your family, wisdom for all involved in Garren's care, a sense of normalcy for Kelsey and Kara and overwhelming support for you all.

You all are very close to our hearts as we continually lift you up to the one who knows all and controls all!

The Via Family

our little love nest said...
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Dee Larson Sullivan said...

We are constantly in prayer for you and the physicians to have wisdom in everything concerning this and for complete healing in Garren. Don and I will be continually in prayer for you all. (Our kids are praying too!) We love you guys!!

Scott said...

The prayers continue for Garren and your whole family...

Sherie Rushing said...

You guys have been in our thoughts and prayers constantly. These next few days will be like you are on a "rollercoaster". You will have your ups and downs. Please know you are in the best place with the best doctors. If you need anything or just want to ask us questions, please call.

Craig, Sherie and Hannah Rushing

Anonymous said...

Prayers for all involved.
In The name of Christ.
Bobby Bass

Michelle Bynum said...

To Garren and his family:

You are all in my thoughts and prayers while you work through this most difficult time. I admire your strength and faith. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you here at school.

Michelle Bynum
Piedmont Middle 8th grade counselor

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine the emotions you and your family must be going through. For this to happen to anyones child is so scary. It seems we all take life forgranted until times like these. Garren and your family are and will continue to be in our prayers.

The Tilton Family said...

While in the car this morning, praying for Garren, this song came on & I thought "how true & perfect"

Our family will continue to lift Garren up in prayer. We also pray for you & the girls, asking for faith & peace in these dark hours.

Lisa Tilton said...

I guess the song would help.....


Kutless-Everything I Need

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

Covering him in. complete prayer

Anonymous said...

You all are in my constant thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the updates as we continue to pray for healing, peace, and comfort.

Rick Tuck

Michael Peck said...

Geoffrey and family,

I can stay remember my first time at Southbrook and seeing "the blonde family". From that day to today, your family has stood out as an example of God's Light in our world. It is our family's prayer that God's Light will shine down on you, Nancy, Kara and Kelsey in this time. But most importantly, we pray that His Light will especially shine bright on Garren and that His Light will illuminate the way for doctors to perform all the right maneuvers to bring about Garren's complete healing.

You are close to our hearts in prayer!


The Peck Family

Anonymous said...

Geoffrey we are saddened to her about Garren and we are praying for him as well as you and the Janes family.I know you don't know us well but you helped us in a time of need and we would like to be there for you and your family. Let us know if what we can do to help

Karen Demeraski and The Demeraski family.kedem729@aol.com or cell 704-292-4435

Janna Tyson said...

Your family is our family in Christ and we have been constantly praying for you all. So thankful you have God to lean on and that you can fully trust HIM during this time. Know you are loved and lifted up to our Heavenly Father.

The Tyson's