November 01, 2013

Thunder Road Wheelchair 5k

About a month ago I was joking around with Garren. I am running the Thunder Road Marathon on November 16 in Charlotte. I was teasing him about doing it with me. Then I mentioned in passing "You know, there is a 5k the same day."

A couple of days later, Garren came to me and said, "So Dad, am I going to do that 5k?"

I started looking for a racing wheelchair, and found the costs starting at $2000. There's no way we can spend that kind of money for something we want to just try out.

So I sent an email to his physical therapists, who connected me with an adaptive sports program in Charlotte. They were so helpful, and have loaned us a racing wheelchair! Garren has been getting out and training on the roads in our neighborhood. He is determined to do this, and we are so excited for him.

If you want to come out and support Garren, here are the details:

God has continued to do a work in Garren. It is amazing to see such progress. We cannot wait for November 16!