March 16, 2011

Wednesday March 16, 2011 10:00pm

Day 41. We are 7 days from bringing Garren home. Garren slept well last night. His first night at 7 hours with vent support. He had been at 10 hours. Tonight they are backing him down to 5 hours. We are pretty sure the doc wants to get him off the vent before we go home.

Garren continues to do new little things each day. Yesterday he vertically tracked with both eyes. First time that has happened. Up and down, consistently following light and objects. While sitting in his chair, his left arm was moving a lot. One of the therapists saw his arm movements and is convinced that this is intentional, that Garren is intentionally trying to move his left arm.

Tara is really excited about Garren’s eye movements. She thinks we might be close to being able to commnicate. She talked about having two flashcards: “Yes” and “No.” You hold the “Yes” card up high and hold the “No” card down low, then ask Garren yes/no questions. The idea is that he would look up for “Yes” or down for “No.” We’ll see.

Nancy and I have a checklist of things we are being “trained” to do. We will be responsible for most of Garren’s medical care when we go home, so we have to be able to do it all. So far I have more items signed off than Nancy.

Garren's new room continues to progress. The electrician is working on it now (10pm and he's still working hard). Inspections tomorrow, then drywall. It's all coming together.

We have also found a good possibility for a van. It's a really good deal, though I can't share details with you right now. All I can say is God is really taking care of things. Thank you Lord.


Kristi said...

I am just loving all the great news...God is good! I am sure you are nervous about being without medical care at home, but I am so excited for you all. Just the thought of everyone at home is awesome. I pray that you have a lot of new exciting news over the next couple of days. Garren has proved to be so more ways than one!!


Anonymous said...

So many things happening and all are great to read about. Very thankful your needs are being met. I've heard it before and I really believe it, that patients make a lot more progress when they get to come home...I pray that Garren just takes off with leaps and bounds once he's in his new room, around both of his sisters and his pets. Continuing to pray for many good things ahead! In for the long haul, The Sisk Family

Anonymous said...

Good news...more steps, all leading in the right direction...Happy St. Patrick's Day, Garren...I wonder if any of the staff will be wearing Green today? Garren, you are doing a fine job, and God is helping you all the way...don't give & dad and sisters, you are doing a great job as well, don't let anyone discourage you or make you think differently...when this adventure with God is finished, what a testimony Garren will have! So much has happened already to give God the glory, I can only imagine what will happen and prayers, SAndy and Russ

Anonymous said...

The devotional from Faith's Checkbook was so good today I pass it's encouragement on to you all:

Faith's Checkbook
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Thursday, March 17, 2011 Email Facebook Twitter Print

March 17

Fear to Fear
"Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the LORD" (Jeremiah 1:8).
Whenever fear comes in and makes us falter, we are in danger of falling into sin. Conceit is to be dreaded, but so is cowardice. "Dare to be a Daniel." Our great Captain should be served by brave soldiers.

What a reason for bravery is here! God is with those who are with Him. God will never be away when the hour of struggle comes. Do they threaten you? Who are you that you should be afraid of a man that shall die? Will you lose your situation? Your God whom you serve will find bread and water for His servants. Can you not trust Him? Do they pour ridicule upon you? Will this break your bones or your heart? Bear it for Christ's sake, and even rejoice because of it.

God is with the true, the just, the holy, to deliver them; and He will deliver you. Remember how Daniel came out of the lions' den and the three holy children out of the furnace. Yours is not so desperate a case as theirs; but if it were, the LORD would bear you through and make you more than a conqueror. Fear to fear. Be afraid to be afraid. Your worst enemy is within your own bosom. Get to your knees and cry for help, and then rise up saying, "I will trust, and not be afraid."

Metrocrest Presbyterian prayers

Michelle Singleton said...

More good news ~ Praise God! I know the possibility of communication with Garren soon is sooooo very exciting. I anticipate the day we read that blog! We continue steadfast in prayer for Garren's complete healing.

Love & Irish Hugs,
The Singletons