March 23, 2011

The Garren Tree

I received the following email from our good friend's Bob and Barb. Thank you!

This weekend I was working outside in our “woods”, cleaning up the branches of all sizes that haven fallen from the trees. While there I saw one particular tree that captured my attention. It was obvious that it had been knocked over by a storm…..a very powerful storm. If we had seen that tree shortly after it was uprooted we probably would have felt little hope for it and figured it had succumbed to power of the storm.

But it had not! Even though the tree trunk was at about a 35 degree angle and some of the roots were exposed, that tree had a lot of life! The limbs have grown up straight and strong, reaching to the sky as if in praise to its Creator. The roots had dug in deep and strong. The tree is unmovable.

In the next few weeks, life will bloom once again from that once-battered-and-storm-stricken tree. Green leaves will grace the branches. A soft rustling sound will be heard when the wind blows through the leaves. And its beauty will reflect the One who designed it and be enjoyed by those who take the time to notice.

As I looked at that tree I couldn’t help but think of Garren.

I called Bob over and showed him the tree. And we stopped and prayed for Garren. We thanked God that Garren was not overcome by the “storm”. That his roots are deep. And we prayed that he would grow strong and straight, full of life like the branches on the tree reaching heavenward. And as the “green leaves” of strength, life, and beauty grow may his Creator be glorified.

Whenever we see the “Garren tree” we’ll be reminded of all that God’s done and all that He is able to do. And we’ll thank Him. And we’ll pray once again for Garren.

Love you guys and praying for you!


Anonymous said...

"And he (Garren) shall be like a tree, planted by the rivers of water..and whatsover he doeth, shall prosper..." Praying for you, Garren....keep & prayers, Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful analogy and thank you so much for sharing. I'm kind of disappointed,'re usually pretty good about warning us when tissues are required, but this one caught me off guard...:)) We will definitely continuing our prayers for Garren. In for the long haul, The Sisk Family

Anonymous said...

I stand in agreement with the scripture from Sandy & Russ and the beautiful analogy from Bob and Barbara was such a blessing to read. Have to tell ya . . .Garren isn't just your boy (Geoffry & Nancy)he belongs to all of us now ;-) . . .continuing to hold you and Garren in prayer.
Chris & Rich C.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon dear family....Garren, I know you are still working hard...saw your dad at church today...he is working hard as well, and so is mom and the girls...we want you all to know that we have not ceased to pray for you...I'm asking God to help you speak, use your eyes, and to not be afraid....again, Garren, you have done quite well in your training....we are very proud of, Sandy & Russ

Michelle Singleton said...

Yes, Garren has not been overcome by the storm. How we praise God for that! I was very touched by Nancy's post yesterday. I can't imagine the pain in her heart as she works with Garren, remembering where he was 7 weeks ago. But also the joy of seeing him respond and interact with her --- so much to be thankful for! I do not know what it is like to be in Nancy's shoes but I do know that as a mom, when something is not right with my children, I'm not right. Please let Nancy know that I am praying for her each time I pray for Garren. I love your whole family and my trust for Garren's complete healing and for continued strength for the rest of you is in Jesus ~ He is able!

Anonymous said...

Did Garren get to go home yesterday? I looked back through the posts, but didn't see anything about it, so wasn't sure if I overlooked something or not. I want to pray for the transition to go well and for the Janes family to be at peace while everyone is getting settled, but until then, we'll just continue to pray for Garren's strength and restoration. You're always in our hearts and on our minds. In for the long haul, The Sisk Family

Anonymous said...

Our family is still praying for you. We read your blog and appreciate so much your keeping us involved. As a mom, I think of your family daily and ask God for your provisions and healing. I wish I had something amazing to say - but the simple truth is that you & Nancy are an inspiration and a reflection of God's love. May He be continually glorified. With much love and prayer, the Queen Famiy