March 26, 2011

Saturday March 26, 2011 9:00pm

Garren's room is nearing completion. We are putting the finishing touches on it. Today Steve worked some more on the design, painting black and yellow stripes around the room. Mike got the fixtures in the bathroom installed. It's looking great.

We were blessed to have a few students from Matthews United Methodist Church at our house today. They were participating in Operation Serve. About 177 students went out and served in the community. They were going to do some yard work, but the rain moved them inside. They helped move a new refrigerator in and the old one out. They hauled some things into the attic, moved some furniture around, and helped with some cleaning up. They were hard workers - thanks guys!

Garren is having a good weekend so far. Yesterday he was worn out, so it's nice to have a couple of days to wind down and prepare for another tough week.


Anonymous said...

The room looks GREAT! Garren is going to LOVE it and be ready to show it off along with his recovery! Prayers continuing to be lifted!

Daniel & Melissa Miller

Michelle Singleton said...

Garre's room looks fantastic! What a blessing to have so many gifted servants working together to make Garren's home transition as smooth as possible. We comtinue to pray for Jesus' healing hand.
Love & Blessings,
The Singletons

wendypoovey said...

Awesome room. He will be so excited. Great job! Praying for continued healing.

Anonymous said...

Great is His faithfulness, such love to you even through this and prayers, Sandy & Russ