March 08, 2011


Garren is very much aware of what is going on around him. He can hear. The therapists have recommended that we play familiar music for him. We let him listen to his iPod sometimes. They also suggested that we read his algebra book to him. Nancy does, I just can't imagine being that cruel to him! (just kidding...) They also suggested that letting Garren hear familiar voices would be good for him.

So - remember Message4Garren? Well we need all of you guys and gals that know him from school and church to start calling in and leaving messages. Call and talk about what's going on in school. Fill him in on the latest couples, talk to him about your soccer team, talk about March Madness. Talk about the things you used to talk to him about. Call as often as you would like. We will play your messages back for him throughout the day.

I realize that you're probably used to texting, but he needs to hear your voice. So quit reading this blog and go dial your phone!

If you would like to send Garren an encouraging voice message:

Dial: (713) 574-9075

Access code: 8265576

When you have finished your message, just hang up and your message will immediately post to

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