March 07, 2011

Our Next Big Step

Many of you have been asking "What can we do?" Well, now we have a list of tangible needs.

We had our family meeting with the Care Team this morning. In the meeting we discussed Garren's progress so far. We also discussed the next steps for Garren. Rehabilitation from brain injury is such a long process that it is not feasible to stay in the hospital for the long haul. Part of the rehab process is to teach us how to care for Garren, and how to continue his rehabilitation at home.

As it stands right now Garren has a target discharge date of March 23. There are two major things that need to happen in order to bring Garren home.

The first thing is to build a room on the first floor for Garren. We are planning to convert the 3rd car garage into a room complete with a roll in shower just for him. Insurance will cover most of the medical equipment we will need. The costs for renovation will be out of pocket for us. We already have a couple of builders who are going to start work right away.

The second major purchase that we will need to make is a wheelchair accessible minivan. I have started looking around on the internet to see what our options are. My prayer is that we will be able to find and purchase something that will meet our needs by the time we need to bring Garren home. If you have any leads, or information on the best way to purchase a minivan that will meet our needs, you can contact me directly at

Your continued financial gifts will also be a big help in offsetting these upcoming costs. You can click the link to the right of this blog to make a gift.

Nancy and I still have lots of questions. We are still coming to terms with what this next step means for us. As I have mentioned in earlier blogs, our lives have changed. Things will not be the same for a while. The thought of bringing Garren home is a little bit scary. The idea that immediate medical help will no longer be standing right outside the door is a little bit unnerving. But at the same time, the thought of being home, having our family together under one roof, is appealing. I look forward to that. Once home Garren will continue rehab and continue to progress.

In the mean time there is a lot that needs to happen. We will trust God to provide for these needs. And we look to you to continue to pray. Pray that decisions about construction and vehicle purchases will go smoothly and timely.

And of course - continue to pray that Garren continues to get stronger and that these items are only needed temporarily.


Anonymous said...

Geoffrey& Nancy,
We know this next step is going to be HUGE for you guys. We want ya'll to know we are here to do whatever you need. We're going to make some contacts tomorrow concerning the needs you've already listed. If there's anything specific just let us know. I know you're nervous, so we are praying for peace for you all while preparing for Garren's homecoming! Hoping you guys have a restful night& love to you all!

Ritchie, Donna, Racheal, Katherine, Luke, Madelyn& Brady

Anonymous said...

I'm trusting and believing that God will provide for your needs and that Garren will be strong enough to come home on the 23rd, or when he's ready. He has come a long way in the last two weeks, so I pray for that continued progress over the next two weeks. We have a friend who is mobility impaired, so I'll see if we can get in touch with him this week as to suggestions on the minivan. I think, again, think, that with his last one, he bought the van, then took it to a shop and had the lifts installed and other things customized, but I'll double check the details. That may be a more cost efficient method as opposed to buying one that is already custom made, if that makes sense.

When we brought Jakob home from the hospital, I remember how scared we were not to have that "security" blanket of hospital staff around. He was still very sick and Gracie had been home almost two months by then and was still equipped with a heart monitor. I didn't sleep because I was too scared. One night, we made the decision to remove the heart monitors...the doctors said we could, but they didn't force us to...all I could think was that "God didn't bring us this far unless He was going to take us all the way." I believe the same for Garren and will continue to pray. In for the long haul, The Sisk Family

Anonymous said...

Geoffrey & Nancy . . .we join with you in prayer for God's provision for the needs you have named.

We will also pray for peace for you both as you prepare for Garren to come home.

Praising God for how far Garren has come and that the doctors feel he will be ready to come home this month.

Partners in prayer,
Chris & Rich C.

Anonymous said...

Wow..I can understand your "fear" and joy at the same time...we will pray for a van, for help with construction (wish I was younger) and that all this is temporary...sort of like when I brought home our first baby...I was terrified..and then, the instinct that God gave to me took it will be with you...God will give to you the wisdom and the nurturing ability that Garren needs...none of this is not a part of His great encouraged...praying until you say to stop, and that probably won't stop us and prayers, Sandy & Russ

Deja Kissiah said...

Mr Geoffrey,
The news about Garren is great! Your family and Garren are in my prayers <3 Will Garren be able to have any visitors in the hospital before he comes home?? -7042910432
Love, Deja Kissiah

Lisa said...

Geoffrey & Nancy,

We are here anytime you need us. Feel free to ring our doorbell day or night.

My heart goes out for the next step your family is about to make, but I am sooooo excited for what I know God is going to do.