March 09, 2011

Kara's Dream

So the other day on the way to school Kara, Garren's older sister, told me about a dream she had. I asked her to share it with you. Here you go (and as before, I recommend tissues):

Garren was laying in the hospital bed just like he has been. Only the hospital room was in our house. Well, I was sitting by the side of his bed when he suddenly sat up and walked out of the room. I was amazed that he had stood up so I walked out after him to see where he was going. When I walked out of the hospital room we were at our house.

Garren walked out the front door and went and sat at a bus stop that was across the street from our house. I went and sat down next to him and asked him where he was going. He replied something (I can't remember what) about where he was going.

I then said, "You can talk!?" because it shocked me that he could.

He replied, "I can do everything, Kara. It's just really hard for me right now."

We then got on the bus and ended up at the beach where my Aunt Paulette was waiting for us.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! What an intense dream....Garren is probably thinking that right now (that he can do everything but its just hard for him right now) but is unable to communicate that. Prayers are being answered every single day....thank you for keeping us updated through your blog. Continually praying for Garren and your family.

Brenda, Patrick & Tristan Raynor

Tasha Via said...

Oh wow Kara! We can't stop praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

I think you were blessed with a very special message, Kara. You've been so strong and faithful through all of this, right along side your parents, so we're praying for all of you...In for the long haul, The Sisk Family

P.S. How is Garren's eye today?

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love dreams! During difficult situations I have found myself asking God for a dream as well as some sleep. Dreams allow us to see things as they used to be or perhaps a glimpse of how we want them to be. Dreams have given comfort, and at times a complete sense that God has His hand on our lives. we continue to pray jennifer pickron

Jeff said...

Thank you for sharing your dream.I like it. I think it is awesome! We'll continue praying for you whole family.

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

What a comfort that must have been for Kara to walk and talk with her brother again. Praying, expectantly for it to happen soon!

Anonymous said...

I like the ending! As soon as Garren's better, that's exactly what we'll do! --Aunt Paulette