March 17, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011 4:00pm

Garren continues to take small steps in the right direction. He had another hard day of work in therapy today, and he did great.

The team continues to be very excited about Garren's eye movements. He consistently tracks up and down. This afternoon, Kelly used colored construction paper. She took a green piece of paper and held in in front of Garren. She told him to look at the green paper. We could see his eyes focus on the paper, and then follow as Kelly moved it up and down. Then she did the same thing with orange paper.

Then Kelly took the green and the orange paper and held them both in front of Garren. One was up and the other down. She told Garren to look at the green paper. You could see him thinking about it. So she tried several times, going back to one color at a time, then both again. Finally, one time, Garren did look down at the green paper when she asked him to. So cool.

As Garren's eyes get stronger, we will be able to use methods like this to communicate with him until he is able to talk again. Pretty cool.

Another baby step - Garren will be on the vent for only 3 hours tonight. He may be off the vent by the weekend. We will see. He is doing great.

Our van will be here this weekend. I want to send a HUGE thanks to my friend David at Rent-A-Wreck in Greensboro, NC for the amazing deal he has worked out with us. Thank you David.


womenintheword said...

Praising Jesus for Garren's progress and your confident faith. Go Garren!

Anonymous said...

Great news and progress. It's good to hear how Garren is progressing each day. Karen, myself and our kiddos are all continually praying for Garren's recovery.

The Kearneys

Anonymous said...

So HAPPY for all of you, and for Garren's progress...I am amazed of all our ability from God that I never even thought about as a tracking with the much of our bodies have been miraculously knit together...our God is so good, even when we don't quite "get it" with health problems...continuing to pray until you say to, SAndy & Russ

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! More eye movements and tracking, slowly saying see-ya to the vent, and a van...all in one day?? Sounds like God is truly watching over each one of you. Continuing to pray. In for the long haul, The Sisk Family

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

So excited about the possibility of communication with Garren! We've got friends and family all over the country praying for Garren. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Continously praying for Garren and your family! Thanks for the updates. My daughter and I look for these daily.

Brandie Stump

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the daily updates. We are so thankful for the progress that Garren is making this week. We continue to pray for healing for him and protection from infection, and for strength and endurance and peace for you and Nancy and your girls. Each day our kids want to know how Garren is doing and want updates about his progress. Love, Lance and Jennifer Lassiter

tammywingate said...

we are counting down the days with you until Garren arrives HOME!! What a miracle! we are so proud of all his hard work and all of your faithfulness! I love the idea of the cards for yes and no!
praying for sunshine!!
<>< t

Michelle Singleton said...

This is fabulous news... we thank God for Garren's continued progress. Last night the kids asked about Garren and we read several of your blog posts together. Seems like "breaking through the surface" is getting closer each day. We continue to pray for complete healing and strength. We love you all so much!

Love & Blessings,
The Singleton Family