March 30, 2011

Football Trivia

We have some amazing therapists working with Garren here in rehab. They are so concerned, and so interested in helping Garren get better. And they do it in a fun and creative way.

Mike is the Pediatric Rehabilitation Technician - he helps the therapists wherever and whenever they need him. He makes wheelchair adjustments, maintains equipment, posts schedules each day...and he's super cool (even though he's a Green Bay fan). Let me tell you what he did today:

Knowing that Garren is a huge Steeler's fan, Mike made a little football field, complete with yard lines, goal posts, X's, O's, and even a football. Then he had some little signs made, in three groups: players' names, players' numbers, and players' positions. Looking up for yes, and down for no, Garren was asked to answer questions about each player. For every question he got right, the ball would advance 10 yards. For each incorrect answer, he would lose 10 yards.

"Garren, are you ready to play?" Eyes up without delay.

Mike held up a player's name, then going through each number he asked Garren if that was that player's number. Garren got every one right, except the last one. Same with the positions. It was amazing to see how engaged Garren was. When the answer was obviously "no" Garren's whole head would lean forward. Sometimes we could even see his lips mouthing the word "No". Garren nailed every question, like I said, except one. The doctor, other therapists, a nurse, were all standing around cheering him on. I think they were a little surprised at how much Garren knows about the Steelers. Mike promised to make it harder tomorrow. Good luck with that Mike!

I also found out today that Mike is a proud Granddad! He told me his grandson is in a "Cutest Kid" contest. He sent me the link so I could vote. He said feel free to share it with anyone I could. So - will you help Mike's grandson win "Cutest Kid?" Click here - you can vote once a day through Friday!


Anonymous said...

What a good guy Mike is! So creative! And GO Garren! We'd be happy to vote for Mike's grandchild.

Jax and Susan Jenkinson

Monica Newsome said...

How creative!! Way to go Garren!! Good Job! I continue to pray for your full recovery each day!
Monica Newsome

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that Mike would take the time to do that for Garren. Great job dogging those questions Garren! I bet he enjoyed that way more than the math...yuck! I did vote for Mike's grandson and he is a cutie! Glad Garren is progressing, especially with trying to say "no." In for the long haul, continuing to pray...The Sisk Family

Anonymous said...

Amazing how the therapists just seem to "know" how to help, not amazing, just another example of God being in control of all of this trial...we voted for the grandchild...thanks for all the life lessons we are learning through all of this...I would just want to encourage you, Nancy and Garren and the girls to continue trusting God and leaning on Him...praying, love, Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

The Lord knows whom to send to help Garren, I see the Lord's hand in this. What a joy for Garren today to play his favorite trivia game. I'm sure it did much to lift his spirits. God bless you Mike!
Donna Lochridge

Michelle Singleton said...

Wow! That is really amazing! God has provided so many wonderful people to help Garren--people going above and beyond the expected. I thank God for this. And I praise him for Garren's progress. We continue to pray for complete healing... And for the eye and the cough... Keep going Garren! You are gaining yards every day!

tammywingate said...

way to go Garren, way to go!!! Mike has some cool ideas and a real cute grandson...he got my vote!! we have been taking turns with the tummy bug...)-: first Macky had it and now Morgan!!! But it is good to read of the new things that Garren is doing in rehab and how much they care for him! God is so good to place such special people in the Janes' family!!!!
we are praying daily still!
<>< t

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

I love hearing how he's trying to form a word. Continued prayers all around him.

wendypoovey said...

How wonderful to have caring and loving people like Mike being there for Garren and others. What a wondferful gift from God. We need more people like Mike in our lives.