March 10, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011 8:00pm

Garren seems to have good days, and then less good days. Yesterday was a good day. I mentioned the tough workout he got from Emily, the physical therapist. I think she wore him out. Today we saw a lot less action from Garren.

The ophthalmologist came by to see Garren today. He said Garren's eye was looking a lot better today. We've been keeping a patch over it to keep his eyelid shut, so that it will not dry out. This will reduce the irritation. He seemed very pleased with the difference already. I say thank you for your specific prayers for his eye! It still has some healing to do, so continue to pray that it clears up completely.

The work on Garren's new room was a major success today. Men and women from many different churches and from the community showed up to remove drywall and prep the room for the upfit. So amazing to see so many people show up and knock that job out so quickly. Friday is permit day. My dad and Joe Valentino are going to be working with the city to get the permits we need to complete construction. Then Saturday work begins again. We have been overwhelmed with workers. What a blessing.


Michelle Singleton said...

Holding you up in our continued prayers... Our love and blessings, Michelle and Family

Anonymous said...

We pray that tomorrow is a good day for Garren and that he regains his strength after resting today. Very thankful to hear the eye is healing. Please continue to let us know how we can help as the need arises. Praying for each one of you. In for the long haul, The Sisk Family

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

Dry eyes are painful. Praying for complete healing of the eyes.

Kris and Billy Lomac said...

Hi Geoffrey and Nancy and family,
From the moment we heard of Garren's condition, you have been in our thoughts and prayers.
Love to all of you,
Kris and Billy Lomac