May 14, 2011


Last fall Garren pulled a hamstring. It was the last football game of the season, so he didn't miss any games. But basketball tryouts were the following week. Garren could barely walk, let alone try out for basketball. He was so frustrated, sitting on the couch while all his buddies were out in the driveway playing basketball.

When this happened to Garren, that was one of the thoughts that kept coming back to Nancy and me. Garren couldn't stand being off his feet for a couple of weeks, how's he going to deal with this?

I took Kara to get her driver's license this week. It's great on the one hand, having another driver in the house. It's quite scary on the other hand. The number one cause of teen deaths in North Carolina is car crashes. It's a risk, letting someone so young and inexperienced out on the roads. So my radar is up, and of course I tend to notice the news stories about teen drivers in car crashes now. As we were taking Garren to the doctor this past week, I was telling Nancy about one such tragic story - a little 4th grade girl in the hospital, a 17 year old young man killed, and a young driver who has to live with that guilt. When I finished telling the story, Garren started spelling out a message to Nancy:

"I should be thankful that didn't happen to me."

I was driving, I could hardly hold back the tears. My son - who just last fall couldn't stand sitting on the couch with a pulled hamstring - is sitting in a wheelchair having to relearn how to do everything. And he just told us how thankful he is that he wasn't in a tragic car crash...

Philippians 2:14 says "Do all things without grumbling or complaining." I can honestly say that Garren is a living testimony of this verse. He never complains. He doesn't give up. He pushes hard. He is so strong! I complain, all the time. Garren just does what needs to be done. He gets frustrated when we have trouble communicating. He gets annoyed with some of the nurses sometimes. He jokes about eating all the time. But he never complains.

Kind of puts a different perspective on things, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Wow. Out of the mouth of babes. What an awesome, mature perspective. You are all in our prayers.

Jax and Susan Jenkinson

Mike said...

Garren, you continue to amaze me, the little girl in the story your Dad was sharing goes to my school. She is doing so much better, although she will still have a lot of recovery and work to do just like you. We adults are so fortunate to have young people in our lives with such a positive spirit about them. You motivate me everyday! Thanks for being such and awesome inspiration! Thank you Janes family for your prayers for Abby. She is on the 6th floor at Levine's hospital just like you.

honeysmom said...

your son is amazing, as are you and your wife.

Timothy said...

You must be so proud of the character that Garren has at his age. He can serve as a testimony to all of us ''older'' people about what really matters in life. We love all of you and continue to pray for Garren and your whole family.
Tim and Jen Gritzuk

Judy said...

That is a fantastic Young Man, Grumpybear!

wendypoovey said...

I believe we can all learn a thing or two from Garren. What a living testimony he is.

Anonymous said...

Janes Family . . . you are all a wonderful testimony of God's grace. You spur us on . . . we hope that we do the same for you.

Chris & Rich C

tammywingate said...

takes my breath away!! honestly..."Lord, help me to learn from others like Garren!!" We all have so much to be thankful for but sometimes when a bad thing happens we loose sight of everything else that is GOOD around us! Garren has not done this and this is a wonderful example of how you and Nancy have raised him as well as his relationship with jesus Christ! What a wonderful thing! Thank you for sharing and I hope he can eat soon! the kids want to bring him some treats when he an eat!! (-:
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