May 16, 2011

Come Run With Us!

Don't forget to come out and join us this Saturday for the Miracle Miles 5K run for Garren. We're going to have a fun morning, walking or running 5K out at Porter Ridge High School. I hope you will join us!

You can click here to register ahead of time. You don't have to register ahead of time, but it would be helpful for the event coordinators to know who to expect. You don't even have to run, or walk. Just come out and join the fun!

It all starts at 8am. I hope to see you there!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Unable to come, babysitting...however, Garren, I know that anyone would have to eat your "dust" if you were running, so, I challenge all competitors to imagine that they are racing against Garren for their motivation...and Garren, remember, God works all things together for His good...He loves & prayers, Sandy & Russ