May 20, 2011


Garren's arteriogram went very well. We arrived at the hospital at 6:15am and admitted him to radiology. They took us back and we got him ready for the procedure. The anesthesiologist talked to us, and then the doctor who was doing the procedure talked to us as well. They explained the whole procedure. Garren would be put to sleep to ensure that he would not move. The doctor would then insert a very small catheter into the top of Garren's right leg, right into the artery. The catheter would then travel through the artery all the way up to the base of his brain. A dye would be injected. While all of this is happening, the doctors watch on a live x-ray of Garren's head to see where the dye travels. This gives them a clear picture of the blood flow in Garren's head.

The procedure went as planned, and the doctor reported back to us that there was nothing of concern. Everything looks really good for Garren. Praise the Lord! That is great news!

They had to keep Garren in the hospital for observation until 5pm. He wasn't allowed to get out of bed until we were ready to leave. But two movies and a few sitcoms later, we made it home at last.

This morning Amy Cowman from WCNC TV came to interview us. She is doing a story on Garren. I am looking forward to seeing it on TV. It will air tonight at either 4, 5 or 6pm, and then again in the morning sometime in the 6 o'clock and 7 o'clock hours. If you are not able to catch the story live, I will have a link on this blog so you can catch it later.

I hope you are planning to come out and run or walk with us tomorrow morning. If you haven't registered yet, you can get to Porter Ridge High School at 7am and register. The run starts at 8.

If you're not a runner, maybe you'd rather go golfing? Greens 4 Garren will be held on June 3 at Charlotte Golf Links at 2pm. There are still plenty of spots, but sign up soon!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news about Garren....we won't be at the walk/race as we are babysitting the grands, but know that it will be such a blessing for all of you...Garren, you are a blessing to all of us...don't let your youth discourage you from all that God has yet for you to & prayers, Sandy & Russ

wendypoovey said...

It is so good to hear more good news. We are praying that Garren will learn to swallow again and be able to get outside and just play with his friends!