May 27, 2011


Every morning when we wake up and come downstairs, the overnight nurse fills us in on how Garren did overnight. Yesterday morning she told us that Garren did something new...he talked in his sleep. She said it looked like he was having a dream. He said "Mom" then reached up his arms in the air like he was giving a hug.

I thought about this, and wondered if he can run and jump and play in his dreams. Later, after Garren woke up, Nancy told him what the nurse had said. She asked him if he had had a dream. He said "Yes." She asked him what he was dreaming about. He said "I dreamed I was normal."

We finally got an appointment with the speech therapist who is able to do vital stim. It was an interesting visit for sure. She evaluated Garren, asking him to try different things. Finally she determined that he is not a candidate for vital stim. Vital stim, according to her, will not make someone swallow who is not already swallowing. It will help make a weak swallow stronger.

Frustrating, disappointing, confusing - that describes this whole swallowing thing for us. We get conflicting information from doctors, therapists, and well meaning nurses. There seem to be so many opinions and ideas about how to handle this with Garren. We are not going to give up though. We will continue to search for and get Garren the best help we can get. And hopefully in the mean time we'll get some clear direction from someone.


Anonymous said...

Nancy and Geoffrey,

My eyes have simply swollen with tears as I've read the blogs over the last several days. I know right now that things seem dark...all the sunny skies have turned somewhat gray for you guys the last couple of days as far as feelings,emotions and news from therapists go. I want you to know that we are praying for Garren non guys never leave my heart and mind..constantly I pray. I know we serve a gracious, mighty God that works on his watch...The waiting is just so hard and I know it makes it harder when you feel Garren's emotions of sorrow. We, as mothers and fathers cry for you all, but I in the meantime cry out to my Heavenly Father for you. I remember a time that I prayed for a miracle for many, many years and just when it seemed it was a lost cause the flood gates opened...I know that you know that he is able. The test is to remain positive and believing which is the ultimate test I think for the ultimate believers...we're used to him showing up,sooner than later. So, we pray for continued strength and endurace for you all...esp. Garren..I tell you all the time you never cease to amaze me with how you are all a simply amazing family...we love you all and pray the sun will be back out to shine and the clouds will disappear VERY SOON!!

Love to you all,
Donna, Ritchie, Katherine, Racheal, Luke, Madelyn and Brady

Anonymous said...

Garren and the whole family remain in our thoughts and prayers.

We Love you all...=)
Don and Rebecca lloyd

Anonymous said...

I don't normally do this...after reading your goes: Dear Father, Garren needs you to make him swallow...nobody seems to know what is going on except you...please, God, heal or do whatever is needed so that Garren can swallow...he loves you..his whole family does...please do this for have done so much, and all of us are thankful to you for that...would you please do this as well?? Thanks, Jesus, and in your name we pray...Sandy (and Russ)

wendypoovey said...

Like other, I am saddened after reading the last couple of posts. I just can't imagine what Garren and your family are going through. Our family continues to pray each day. We will continue to pray that Garren will learn to swallow again and that his dreams become reality.

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

We pray for Garren always. We know prayers are and will be answered. It's never ceasing. We're joyful in knowing how far he's come, and we're hopeful for more. Much more. Just knowing how positive all of you are is an inspiration to keep praying and keep lifting Garren up! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Father God,

Lord we come before You begging for a special miracle in allowing Garren to swallow. No one can do this except You supernaturally. We know from Your character that nothing is impossible or too hard for You to do. This a natural instinct for us unless something intervenes as in Garren's case.Oh Father, please lead the Janes to an answer from someone who knows what he/she is talking about. Show Yourself strong on Garren's behalf for Thy and Thy Son's sake and glory. Amen. Stand Fast! Don't give up! Lochridge Family in Texas