May 13, 2011

Swallow Testing

***I’ve been wanting to post this update since yesterday afternoon. However, the Blogger site has been having some kind of problems...sorry for the delay.***

Yesterday we took Garren back tot he eye doctor for another follow up visit. Praise the Lord - the doctor is very pleased. Garren's eye is healing well.

Thank you for your prayers as Garren went in to have his swallow test yesterday. Unfortunately, he has not progressed with the swallowing as we had hoped. They put an x-ray machine up to his throat, and I gave him a small bite of pudding. It was kind-of cool to watch the x-ray. We could see the pudding in his mouth, and then we watched as it when down into his throat. The pudding very clearly went into Garren’s airway. He didn’t react, he didn’t cough, he didn’t gag.

The result doesn’t really tell us anything, except that right now Garren is not swallowing properly. Time will tell if this function will return. I am convinced that part of the issue for Garren is that he has no feeling in his throat. He cannot feel the food in the back of his throat, so he doesn’t react when it goes into his airway. He has told us that most of his face is numb, and most of his right side is numb as well. Feeling can return, but it takes time.

In the mean time, we are going to search high and low for the best speech and swallow therapy we can find, and we will do everything we can to get Garren progressing in that area.

Kara and Kelsey went on Wednesday for their MRIs. That was an interesting experience. Kelsey went first, after some coaxing. She was all for it until she saw the big machine. Then she finally agreed to get in and give it a try. She’s 6. She can’t sit still at the dinner table. For an MRI you have to remain perfectly still for about 30 minutes. She laid down and didn't move for the entire time (all without sedation!) She did least until they decided to inject her with some fluid for another type of imaging. She wasn’t expecting needles! Kara went next, and she did great as well. She wasn’t to excited about the needle either, but she took it well.

We got a call from the doctor later that afternoon. Both girls are clear. The MRIs came back with no issues. We are thankful to God for that.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the posts....can hear some disappointment with the swallow tests, and that is understandable...God still has Garren and his future abilities in His day at a glad that Kara and Kelsey are encouraged and don't let the enemy get in your & prayers, Sandy & Russ

Diann said...

Garren....hang in there buddy, all these things will come in time. Look at how far you've come in three months, it will come , just dont give up Garren, it will come. Praying for continued progress, for your strength, and for your patience.

Jeff said...

I am happy to hear the exam went well. I will keep praying for Garren to be able to swallow. I will always keep checking on the progress and I know I'll read about him swallowing soon. Stay hopeful Garren. You are doing great!

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

Thank God for the clear MRI's!

And thank you for explaining the issue with his swallowing. It gives us specifics to pray for. We pray believing the feeling in his throat will return sooner than expected!