March 23, 2009

Sunday @ Southbrook Monroe 03.22.09

Here are a few thoughts from yesterday:
  • We had a week off from ministry training this week.
  • In our pre-service devotional I challenged our people - we are all ministers, are you ministering where God has placed you?
  • Zach was back leading worship, with yet another great set. It sounded good. It was great to see our people responding and following in worship.
  • I met at least 15 first time guests, and I didn't even meet them all!
  • The message was great. Are you resting in God?
  • Still running into a few programming glitches. Working on getting those cleaned up.
  • I used my GM Motor Club membership for the first time - someone had locked their keys in the car.
  • We had our first Fireproof group study after the service. Great turn out - a great study!
Have a great week!

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Nancy said...

Southbrook Monroe is awesome!! I have 7 first time guest family cards and 1 second time guest. God is good - people are coming. We are praying that they return and get to know the Lord or grow in their relationship with Him!! Thanks Babe for being a great leader. I know your heart is there for the people and I love working with you!