March 15, 2009

Sunday @ Southbrook Monroe - 03.15.09

Today we tried something new.  I like trying something new.  I love it when we change things up and do things differently.  Today Pastor Rob came and spoke live in Monroe.  It was different seeing him in 3D.  As a video campus we are pretty used to seeing the message on a screen.  So it was a refreshing change to see the teaching live and in person.

We also enjoyed some amazing worship led my Gal Friday.  They did a great job as well. 

Pastor Rob finished up a two week series on generosity.  The challenge today was to stand by Southbrook church in our giving.  We had the opportunity to fill out a commitment card - to make a tangible commitment to what we are going to give this year.

This afternoon I taught our first membership class for the Monroe Campus.  It was great.  We had 10 take the class, and 7 commit to join Southbrook church.  Praise God.  

It was a great day - and now I am worn out.  A huge thank you to all those who made this day happen!

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