March 18, 2009

Is Your Marriage Fireproof?

I don't usually rave about movies.  Actually, I love watching them, but when it comes to reviewing them I don't really feel qualified.  But I saw a movie tonight that every I believe everybody needs to see.   Married or not, this is a must see.

We watched Fireproof tonight at church.  I do quite a bit of marital counseling for people in our church.  As I watched this movie I noticed a couple of things.  First, the marriage depicted in this movie was a carbon copy of many of those marriages I've dealt with.  The objections from the husband, the disinterest from the wife, the hopelessness, it was all there.  It made me wonder (again) how many families out there are struggling with this stuff. 

The second thing I noticed was this: the daily tasks given in The Love Dare are the exact challenges I give to couples when I am trying to help them work on their relationships.  And I've even heard all of the objections there too.  She's not responding.  He's trying to butter me up for the divorce.  It's as if someone was sitting in on my counseling sessions!

But here's the thing.  Given enough time, enough effort, enough sacrifice, these 'dares' do work!  A marriage will never work unless it is founded on Jesus Christ (you may think it's working, but there is a very important part missing).  Once you are able to put your faith in Him, trust and follow Him, experience and understand what love really is, then you will be able to change your marriage.

If you haven't yet watched this movie, I would highly recommend it.


Bob said...

I completely agree with both your movie assessment as well as you assessment on what it takes to have a successful marriage. I have seen my own marriage get better and better since I accepted Christ and began praying for him to make me a more Godly husband. I've learned that this really means that I am to unselfishly serve my wife in all areas. The Love Dare takes you through how to start that journey. It's exactly opposite of what the world teaches today, but maybe that's why so few marriages actually make it...

Anonymous said...

Hi, i was wondering if you acctually know of all the pages, or days, or tasks, that you havce to perform, although i do not have a failing relationship, i would like to perform these "tasks" just to benefit in our relationship. if you could comment back or make another post that would be very nice. Thank You Very Much

Geoffrey Janes said...

Anonymous -
I do not have the steps. You can purchase the Love Dare journal or book at your local Christian bookstore, or from