March 17, 2009

Fireproof Your Marriage

Tomorrow night - Wednesday March 18 - 6:30pm
We will be watching the movie Fireproof at the Southbrook Weddington Campus.

In a time when so many are facing stressful situations from all sides, we need to make sure we take care of our marriages. Finances are crashing down. Jobs are are getting tougher. Kids are demanding more from us. So how in the world do I find the time to make sure my marriage doesn't completely fall apart?

Why not join us tomorrow night. 
Watch the movie Fireproof with us. 
Then sign up for a Fireproof My Marriage group.

After seeing Fireproof, couples will contemplate the state of their relationship. The Fireproof Curriculum provides the opportunity for couples to work through these important relational issues.

Featuring clips from the movie, this six-part study challenges couples to look at love as a lifetime commitment. 

Study topics include:
  • Forgiveness
  • Marriage as a covenant
  • God-designed differences
  • Unconditional love
Groups will be offered at the Weddington Campus on Wednesday nights, and at the Monroe Campus on Sunday afternoons.

I look forward to seeing you there!

1 comment:

C. Michael Pilato said...

I'm no huge fan of Christian film, but I can attest to the potential of the "Fireproof" movie and associated discussion materials to really effect positive change in a marriage. If you haven't seen it, I would encourage you to do so.