March 25, 2009

Fashion Statement?

If you were at Southbrook Church this past Sunday I'm sure you noticed Pastor Rob's new shirt. Pretty classy, huh? Well, apparently this has created quite a stir among people. Several stories are circulating out there. Here are a few:

Pastor Rob has a new toy - Did Pastor Rob purchased a new BeDazzler? It certainly is possible. After all, he has admitted that he is often up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep. He may have purchased it in a weak moment for a really great deal from an informercial! If it's true, I just want to know: "Hey Rob, can I borrow your BeDazzler?"

Pastor Rob is starting new style - He's calling it "TinkerGrunge." It may not have caught on yet, but as soon as it hits the streets your going to wish you had gotten in on this one early! Are you "with it"? Make sure you sport the latest TinkerGrunge-ware...check with the Southbrook Store and pick up yours now!

Pastor Rob is writing a new song - "Rhinestone Rob-boy" is set to hit radio stations later this week. How will it do? Will it sweep the nation like it's predecessor?

There are other rumors floating around. We have yet to get to the bottom of this. I will share one last possibility with you all. We recently overheard someone say "Come on guys, let's not be so hard on may have been dark in their room...maybe he accidently went into Michelle's closet."


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Tasha Via said...

HAhaha! I'd like to hear some of those other rumors=)