March 08, 2009

Sunday @ Southbrook Monroe 03.08.09

Today was full of surprises.
We had our First Impressions training. The crew showed up around 9:30 and we got started. We covered our purpose and mission. We talked about "clarifying the win" and spent some time sharing some wins and losses in First Impressions from the last couple of weeks. The Alan took the group around and walked through each position. We talked about things we can and need to improve on.

The service got started at 11am. Everything was right on schedule. Everything was moving along as planned. Until the worship ended...and the video message began. We could see Pastor Rob, but there was no sound. I jumped back up on stage, pulled out Pastor Rob's transcript and began working my way through it. Whoa - that was crazy. About 20 minutes into it, I got the thumbs up from the back. They apparently had figured things out. So I transitioned and Pastor Rob took over (via video). Everyone started clapping, I'm assuming because they were glad we had gotten the video working.

The message today was great. We are working through a 2 week series on generosity. We were challenged to make God the priority in our finances. It all belongs to Him anyway. We seem to forget this all too easily. Is God a priority in your finances? I would challenge you to put Him first, and allow Him to use you and bless you in amazing ways.

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steve mann said...

It wasn't until we put God first in our finances that we were able to come out of an enormous hole of debt. I made the committment to give back to God first, then pay the bills, no matter the consequences. Since that day, we have been tithing faithfully, we have not been late once on a bill, have been able to save, and pay down our debt. We have about 8-10 more months before we are debt free (other than the mortgage). If we weren't challenged by Rob almost 3 years ago during his stewardship series, we would still be swimming in debt. If you don't think you can do it, do it anyway. God will provide for you as long as you are faithful to Him.