June 24, 2011


Yesterday our church staff spent the day in prayer and fasting. It was a day of focus and unity. It was a powerful day in ways we will not even know. I spent a good bit of time praying or Garren. At one point, I was sitting in the room with Garren, and he said "Dad, something is tickling my throat." I said "Good!" He looked at me like I was crazy. I said "That means you are starting to get feeling in your throat!" Awesome.

He is also starting to get a little bit of feeling in the lower parts of his right leg. It's coming back, little by little, bit by bit.

Garren is really having fun with his power wheelchair. He calls it his "baby." The feeling of being able to propel himself must be exhilarating.

Today Garren tried out a new machine, called a Locomat. It's like a big treadmill, with robotic attachments around his legs and a harness that hold him up. The robotic attachments move his legs as if he is walking. The idea is to retrain the muscles how they are supposed to move when you walk. He walked in it for about 8 minutes, and it really wiped him out. It's quite the contraption!

We are scheduled to go home next Friday. We continue to be amazed at what God has done and is doing in and through Garren.


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Anonymous said...

Nothing special to write or say, but want you "all" to know that we are still praying and loving you..and we will continue...our God loves you all, ever so much...love & prayers, Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

WOW! GO Garren! Prayers are being lifted for you... how exciting to see the improvements you are making!

Melissa Miller

wendypoovey said...

Praise God. I also had to share with you how Brayden and Tabor have been praying. We are working on helping them learn how to pray more specifically instead of just "general". They are really cute. They are getting very specific in their prayers for Garren. They both pray that Garren will be able to eat, drink, and walk again. Tabor adds to these prayers that Garren can talk and get out of his wheel chair. Then the boy comes out in Brayden and he prays that Garren can play football again. We hope that we can make you smile today. Send Garren our love.

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

WOW! Tickle! You have no idea how much we've prayed in our household for Garren! We'll take every little tick!