June 03, 2011

Back in Rehab

We arrived at the hospital Thursday at 10am. After checking in, we headed up to the fourth floor. We found out Garren would be staying in the same room he was in before! So we walked into his room, set our things down, looked at each other and said "now what?" a few people dropped in to say hi, glad to see us back. Everyone is totally amazed at Garren. He's a completely different person than what they saw 2 months ago.

Then we waited. We found out through different conversations that they didn't know Garren was going to be there. They weren't expecting him, so they didn't have any rehab scheduled for him. Wren (speech) was able to spend some time with him. Nancy ended up spending the afternoon filling the nurses in on Garren's progress.

Friday was different. Garren was on the schedule, and it was a full schedule. Wren is excited with what she is seeing. She started doing some things with Garren to help him start swallowing. She also has other exercises to help strengthen throat and mouth muscles. Tara (OT) and Ann (PT) started working with Garren as well. They have some great ideas and some big plans. It's going to be a great stay.

Garren got a pass to leave the hospital tomorrow so he can go to a friends birthday party. He is looking forward to that.

Garren is doing great. He is enjoying his time here so far.


wendypoovey said...

This is good news. We will pray that rehab goes well for Garren and that he continues to get stronger and learn to swallow.

Anonymous said...

Still in my prayers everyday!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Lord for this next chapter in Garren's life. May You give strength to endure all the exercises and please enable Garren to swallow again. Give him a supernatural urge to overcome his handicap for Your glory. In Jesus' name we ask, Amen.

The Lochridge Family

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all....I know this is difficult and exciting, and hopefull....remember...God loves you more than you can imagine...love and prayers, Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

We are continuing to pray for Garren and your family each day. We will be praying specifically for learning to swallow again. Thank you for updating consistently as it leads us to pray for specific goals.

Lance, Jennifer, Benjamin, Hannah and William Lassiter

tammywingate said...

there is a time and a season for everything!! I pray that is a season of amazing progress!!! we are praying for Garren and his rehab daily!!
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