June 09, 2011


It's been a busy week. Garren is getting into the swing of things here at in-patient rehab. He is working hard. The therapists love working with him. They will say, "Are you ready to work some more?" and he always says "Yes!" They're not used to having such a willing victim!

Garren has a couple of very specific goals. These are nothing new, it's the same as we've had for some time. But now that he is here, the entire team is focused on helping him meet those goals.

Goal #1 - Swallow and get rid of the trach. Wren has been so great, and wants so badly to see Garren meet this goal. Of course, there are a lot of details and medical words for what Garren is currently doing and what he needs to do. I mostly just nod and smile. We had a visit from the ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) doctor last night. He put a scope through Garren's nose to see what exactly is going on in his throat. The palette is working. That's a good thing. We're told his vocal chords aren't working properly. The right side is weak, though it is moving. The left side is "paralyzed" mid way. This means that his airway does not close the way it should when he tries to swallow. There are things that can be one to help. So Garren will be working hard on these over the next couple of weeks.

Goal #2 - Walk with a walker and minimal assistance. Garren is getting stronger overtime. He can walk, with a walker and help from someone, about 100 feet. He is working on strengthening his hips, so that he can strengthen his steps. It's amazing how interconnected every part of our bodies are, and how one little thing can affect so any other things (there's a sermon in there somewhere).

The plan as of now is to keep Garren until June 24. The care team reevaluates every Thursday, so that could change. But for now they have big plans for him.

As you continue to pray for Garren, please pray for Nancy over the next week. I am going to be heading to Haiti with a team from Southbrook. I'll be gone for 5 days. This leaves Nancy with a lot of responsibility.


Blaire said...


We are still praying hard here. Seeing Garren progress so well and so quickly is amazing!
Please tell Nancy to call me if I can do ANYTHING in your absence. I will be happy to help in any way I can.

God Bless!
Blaire Traywick

wendypoovey said...

We are still praying here in the Poovey household. I remember you talking about the long road ahead for Garren and your family. So really, Garren is not real far into his recovery yet and we will continue to pray for progress and healing throughout the next several months, year, however long it takes. He really has made some amazing progress. I love how positive he and your family are. God's light is shining through your family.

Anonymous said...

We're still praying for you Garren. What a trooper you are and an inspiration to us all. We're cheering you on !

God is with you !

Chris & Rich C.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, whatever I/we can do...please let us know....Garren, we are very proud of you...Pastor Geoffrey, do all that God wants you to do for Him in Haiti....we are here for your family...just let us know....praying for you Garren...mucho....love, Sandy & Russ

Kim said...

Still praying every day for Garren. He is amazing and I am sure he is working very hard. I have cards my kids made and some from a 1st grade class and a kindergarten class from my school. I will get those to you soon. Let me know how I can help Nancy while you are gone.
Love you all!

Lynn V. Marentette said...

Thanks for the update on Garren's progress.

tammywingate said...

hey! nancy PLEASE call me if you need some help. macky is out of school this coming Mon at noon and we are FREE!!!! I can help with your girls...go to the hospital whatever you like!! we will get some cards for garren today and send them to the hospital!! Do you have my cell number...i will email it to you! praying for Garren, you and the girls, and Pastor Geoffrey as he travels to spread the Word!
call me!!
<>< t

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the week-end Garren....keep trying, working, and we will keep praying...love, Sandy & Russ