June 06, 2011

Let's Fill The Walls (Guest Blog from Nancy)

As you know, Garren is back at Levine Children's Hospital for some awesome and intense in-house rehab. We are so excited to see what the therapists have in store for Garren and how he will respond. We thank the Lord each day for each little improvement. Somehow we ended up in the exact same room as he was in before with one big difference. It is very bare and boring. When we were in this room before we had the walls covered with the posters and cards you all had sent Garren while in ICU. Many of you have asked what can we do. Well here is an easy but important request. Let's fill Garren's walls again with color and words of encouragement. Get your kids to draw pictures (you can too of course), make a card, buy a card, whatever you like to do. You can drop it off at our house or mail it to Garren at:

Garren Janes
Room 4008
CMC-Levine Children's Hospital
1000 Blythe Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28203

Thanks so much for caring!!


Mauri said...

LOVE IT! we'll get right on it!

Anonymous said...

yes ma'am

Eren Dressler said...

Hi Garren, I found your dad's blog and I wanted to check in and see how you are doing. I am excited to hear about the progress with Speech, and of course the rest of your rehab. I hope that you are keeping those nurses on their toes...and maybe even making some scary faces now and then!

I miss your humor! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Remember how much you are all loved.....praying, Sandy & Russ

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

Hinkle boys are on it!

Heidi said...

You've got it Nancy -ask and 'ye shall receive!