June 14, 2011

Catchin Up

I slept at the hospital last night. It's hard to sleep here. They moved Garren to a different room a couple of days ago, and now we are not right behind the nurses' station. It's quieter now, but we also see less of the nursing staff. Which means when Garren's oxygen alarm beeps in the middle of the night, we end up being the ones to get up and take care of Garren, since the nurses can't hear it. I think I got up 4 times last night.

Garren is doing amazing. He sleeps very well. He doesn't even hear the alarm, or anything else. His therapies are going great! He has walked up to 150 feet at one time using the walker and some help with balance. His hips and core are getting stronger. His steps are getting straighter. His left shoulder is weaker, and he tends to drop it forward when he is concentrating on something else. They are working on strengthening that shoulder, and we can already see a difference.

Yesterday Garren was able to get himself from his bed into his wheelchair with very little assistance. He sat up, scooted over to the edge of the bed, reached over for the arm of the chair, and slid off the bed into the chair. Simply amazing.

Tomorrow at 8:30am Garren goes for another swallow test. Things are looking very positive. If he passes the test, they will begin vital stim. Garren is very excited about the test!

Yesterday we spend 3 hours with a team of people form Union County Schools. They were working on his IEP - which is basically the plan to make sure Garren has what he needs to go back to school in the fall. All the tests and evaluations that Garren went through a month or so ago were presented in the meeting. It was like reading a history book. They described what Garren was like a month ago, but it certainly isn't what he is like now. Everyone understands that when school starts in August, Garren's needs will have completely changed.

Garren is communicating much more with his voice now. We use the alphabet card much less than before. He's still full of wise cracks. It's fun to be able to have a conversation, though slow at times.

Well, I leave for Haiti in the morning. It's always hard to be away from the family, but being away now will be even harder. I won't see Garren for 5 days, so the changes will be amazing. Thanks for continuing to pray for Garren, and for our family.


Karen said...

You don't know me, nor I you except through this blog. I was led here from Josh and Tasha Via's blog and have been following since the beginning of Garren's surgery. What a great work the Lord is doing and what a testimony to your family. I have been praying for you and will continue to do so. The people in Haiti need you right now, Garren is in good hands. Go knowing that God is in control and you will see great things in Garren when you return.

Anonymous said...

Many baby steps, now toddler steps, and a big step for you, Pastor, to know that God is in control still...praying for you and the team in Haiti, and for your team here at home...Garren, do your best, with God's help, to surprise dad at some more "steps" to your recovery....love & prayers, Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

Nancy and Garren, I was so happy to see you both tonight at church ((VBS) and to have the grandchildren meet your Garren...now, they will have a connection with the name "Garren" and your son....Garren, you look wonderful...be encouraged....keep trying...Nancy, you are being held together by our God...I can see Him in your eyes...and you reflect Him in your heart....do be encouraged....all of you....love and prayers, Sandy & Russ

tammywingate said...

good morning Janes family! This is the day that the Lord has has made I will rejoice and be glad in it! I am glad that Garren is doing so well! I am proud that Pastor Geoffrey is going on this trip and of Nancy holding down the fort with the help of the girls! We are praying for the test this am and the trip!!
<>< T

Anonymous said...

This was such wonderful news on how much Garren is progressing. I will continue to pray for physical strengthening for him and for good results with his swallowing test.
Pastor Geoff . . the Lord give you peace while you are away from your family . . .I pray that you will come home with stories that far out-weigh the sacrifice you are making at this time in your family's journey. If God be for you who can be against you, Amen ?!
Chris & Rich C.

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day! I know that your husband might not be seeing this, but, he is a great dad and spiritual leader for all of you...Garren, you have a great example of Christ in your dad...just as he follows Christ, you can follow your dad....your dad works hard for what he wants to accomplish, so you must work hard for what you want to accomplish....the neat thing about both of you is that you can do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength...(my favorite verse)...so, be encouraged...Nancy, Kara, Kelsey, you are all being so faithful in supporting and loving on Garren...I know it must be frustrating at times, wanting and wishing there was more progress, but God has a plan...and it is good, because, well, it's God for crying out loud, and it has to be good..it can't be anything else....love & prayers, Sandy & Russ