April 05, 2011

Tuesday April 5, 2011

Day 59. I had another patient family ask me today how long we had been here. 9 weeks. I've been thinking back to when this all started. It is amazing to see Garren now, when we think about how he lay completely motionless for nearly 3 weeks. Then the long slow steps of progress until now. We look forward to many more steps, many more days of progress in the coming days and weeks.

The walls in the hospital room are bare. We've taken down all the cards in preparation for leaving. It looks strange, but it feels great.

Garren's cough is getting stronger everyday. His eye is getting stronger as well. It won't be long until he is able to close his left eye on his own. It looks great, the redness is gone. We patch it at night to keep it from drying out.

Garren smiles, and laughs. It's more of a chuckle - without noise - but you can tell he thinks something is funny. You can also tell when he gets upset or sad. It's great to see his personality coming out. I was joking around about Tigger (our cat) and his thought that was funny.

Today Garren started something else new. When we transfer him from the bed to the chair, or back to bed, we pretty much have to lift his entire body weight. Today he started helping. When we start to lift him, his feet are on the ground. He now straightens his legs and helps push himself up into a standing position. It is so amazing!

Many of you have asked me to keep the updates coming after we get home - and I will. You all are very important to us, and we want you to continue to be a part of our story.


Anonymous said...

Nancy& Geoffrey,
Man, 59 days...it's amazing what God has done in those 59 days...I think about it from day one. It's made us all put things in perspective, pray harder, believe in miracles, brought families closer together, helped children read scriptures willingfully, brought a community together and has helped us all want to do something good for someone. Garren has shown us how we take life for granted so easily& quickly..and the Lord has shown his goodness& faith through Garren. He has also shown off in a mighty way through you & Nancy as well....showing us that through faith, belief, strength& endurance we can all help someone fight out the fight while holding God's hand and praising him all the way through. God is a good God...I thank him daily for putting your family in our path. We are encouraged by you all..We love you all and we know you can't wait to get home...GARREN IS COMING HOME!! Let me scream it again....GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD! And the best part of it all is that he's going to keep showing himself off through Garren's healing!! We're so happy for you all& give God all the glory! We'll be praying tonight that everything goes great in the transition home and that everything jus continues to fall into place for you all....Love ya'll much!!

Ritchie, Donna, Racheal, Katherine, Luke, Madelyn& Brady Edwards

Bob and Barb said...

How exciting to hear about how he is helping push to a standing position! Yay Garren!
Tonight at the Monroe campus we had a sweet time of prayer for y'all. We look forward to see how God answers those. We will continue to pray for all of you as you transition to home and start a new chapter of this journey. Remember that the Good Shepherd is gently leading you and many are cheering you on.

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!! I am rejoicing with you. Isn't it funny how when you see how fragile life is it suddenly opens our hearts to thankfulness and everything is a cause for celebration? God bless all of you with strength and joy on your journey!


Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father, hear my prayer. Please continue to bless Garren and his family. Give Garren the strength and endurance to fight everyday in his journey to complete healing. Fill his heart with peace and joy. Give Geoffrey and Nancy peace also as they make this transition home. Give them rest at night as they know you are awake. Please bring love, kindness and goodness to the medical staff that will assist with Garren’s care and recovery at home. May all that has happened and all that will come, be to your glory. Amen.
Sarah Prewitt

Chris Hogan said...

Continuing to praise God for the amazing continual progress Garren is making! Praying for all of you as you transition into another new routine of being at home together. The Hogans

tammywingate said...

wow!!!! HOME SWEET HOME!!!! I am so glad that you are going to continue the blog...so many of us would have some serious withdrawals without them!! (-: I pray for a smooth transition today. It is hard work, but you guys are amazing and God is going before you! I hope Garren LOVES his new room and he is happy!!! (-:
much love to you all on this special day!
<>< T

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for all of you!!! At some point, welcome home Janes family....take a deep happy breath, and continue to trust in God...what an amazing adventure so far! Your famil(ies) are still praying for you, and still are here to be used by you, and to help you...don't hestitate to put out a cry for help or encouragement, and we so much want to be a part of this journey...praying until you say to stop...love, Sandy & Russ

Monica Newsome said...

So proud of Garren! Prayers continuing!!
Monica Newsome

Stephen said...

It's so great to read that Garren is improving day by day. We are still praying and still excited to read about his progress. We are extremely proud of him for working so hard.

Tasha Via said...

Hey Janes family! My friend is a nurse who used to work a girl named Madeline who had to be transferred to the Charlotte area for treatment. I think she actually met Garren today! He was such an encouragement to her:)

Anonymous said...

I continue to feel overwhelmed with many different emotions when I read of Garren's progress. As I said early on, God knew exactly the right people He chose to be Garren's parents in this life. The commitment and unbelievable love you've demonstrated throughout this whole process has been inspirational for many. As this chapter comes to a close, I look forward to the new chapter that begins at your home with all of you together. I know I will cherish reading it as much as I have this one. And we continue to pray. In for the long haul, The Sisk Family