April 06, 2011


We made it. It has been a long, exhausting day. It is also great to be home. The hospital seems like a distant dream. Garren loves his room.

Yesterday the insurance company just had to have one last piece of paper, something showing that Garren really needed a hospital bed at home. Normally the bed is delivered the day before the patient goes home. Not us. Our bed was delivered and setup about 30 minutes before we got home! So funny...

We were met at home by to of the home health nurses. They helped us organize and get settled. They got to know us and Garren. It was all pretty overwhelming. We will be working on getting some shelves and cabinets installed over the next several days. We wanted to wait until we understood what we would need to store, and where, before we built anything. Now we are ready.

Garren spent most of the afternoon in bed. He was worn out from the drive. A few of his neighborhood buddies stopped by. He was so excited to see some familiar faces. But he gets tired fast so their visit had to be short.

I'm exhausted. It's so nice to know that when I get up tomorrow there will be no long drive to the hospital. We have some more organizing to do around the house, and I plan to go in to the office and get some work done as well.

Thank you all - so much - for your part in helping Garren's homecoming be as smooth as possible. The room is great. And it is finally being used.


denise said...

Welcome Home Garren. And Happy reunion family. Prayers continue for daily progress.
The Coverts

JpJfsMama said...

So glad he is home, and you all can be together as a family so much more. Yea! Will continue to pray for healing and growth!

- Leslie Waldron

Anonymous said...


tammywingate said...

sounds great!!! all day yesterday everywhere I went...I told people..."Garren comes HOME today!!!"...before I went to sleep last night after my prayers I told myself..."Garren is Home now!!" so thankful!!! still praying!
<>< t

Anonymous said...

How awesome to have all of you sleeping under the same roof! We continue to pray for complete recovery for Garren.
-Casey & Staci Wensevic

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Garren!!!!
So happy for your family,we love you all and continue praying.

The Jaimes family

Dory said...

So happy that you are all home togther as a family again! That will be so nice. We are so excited to hear of Garren's progress every day. Thank you Lord for such daily encouragement. I'm learning alot aobut baby steps. It's so hard to be patient, yet the Lord continues to encourage us with a little each day. Keep up the great work! -Dory

Anonymous said...

Happy tears being shed for Garren and for each of you. What an awesome God to bring you all back together under one roof again. We've anxiously anticipated this moment for each of you. Welcome Home, Garren! So glad you love the room. I think you'll make so much progress in your own environment and we will continue to pray. Oh happy day! In for the long haul, The Sisk Family

Malone Family said...

How wonderful for your family to be together again. Welcome home Garren. When your feeling up to visitors Joe would love to come by and hang out.

The Malones.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Garren!! Sure it feels wonderful to have everyone under one roof. We are keeping all of you in our prayers and can't wait to hear about the continued progress! Go Garren!!!

The Skinner's

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that you are home, l night down, hopefully, a million more to come! Garren...so proud of all the baby steps so far....continue to try....with the strength of Jesus, you can do it...be encouraged, mom, dad, and girls...the journey is not over, but oh, what BIG steps you have all taken...love, and prayers, Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

So glad Garren is finally home.I will be praying for a speedy recovery.
Linda Davis

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! May continued healing be swifter in the comfort of your home! Keep working Garren!!

The McMahan Family