April 08, 2011

If Only

“For if anyone considers himself to be something when he is nothing, he deceives himself. But each person should examine his own work, and then he will have a reason for boasting in himself alone, and not in respect to someone else.” - Galatians 6:3-4

We waste so much time comparing ourselves to others. “Am I as good as her?” “Is he better than me?” We think that if we can prove we are better, that we have somehow accomplished something. Competition is a good thing. Iron sharpens iron. There’s nothing wrong with striving to be the best we can be.

Galatians 6 says that if I consider myself to be something, when in reality I am nothing, I deceive myself. If I am comparing my own efforts and accomplishments to those around me, I may feel successful. But I shouldn’t compare my work to others. “Each person should examine his own work.” My reason for boasting should be in myself alone, not in respect to someone else.

Here’s the deal. God created each of us with unique giftings. He has given each of us a unique purpose, a unique job to do while on this earth. It’s easy to look around at the great things some men and women of God have accomplished, and then to compare our own lives to theirs. That’s wrong. God didn’t make you to be them, he made you to be you.

In the movie “Nowhere Boy,” which portrays the story of John Lennon's adolescent years, there is a scene in which John is comparing himself to Elvis Presley. He says “If only God had made me Elvis.” His mom looks him in the eyes and says “But he didn’t, he was saving you for John Lennon.”

The truth in that statement goes for each of us. “If only God had made me Billy Graham!” But he didn’t, he was saving you for you.

Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others. Be who God made you to be. Then boast in what God has allowed you to accomplish through His power. God was saving you for you.


EJ Abood said...

Thank you, Geoffrey, for this encouraging post. We all need to be reminded that God created us in a special way to be who we are. I am praying for you and Nancy as you adjust to having everything in your home now. I know it has got to be another hard adjustment to the new normal. Grace and Peace. Love, Teresa

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! May Garren continue to make daily baby steps! Keeping you all in our prayers as you continue your journey.

The Skinner's

Anonymous said...

Well dear family, I hope you are not missing your time at the hospital!! It may take you a time to get adjusted at being "home"...you may even feel lonesome from 9 weeks of the need to contact those outside of your immediate family...a crazy type of "let-down" upon being home...if so, don't let this feeling get to you...it is only temporary at the most...we are so happy that you are home, and still working with Garren...stay encouraged, stay strong, stay with God...love & prayers, Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

wow that really hit home. I was just saying these words after going to a wedding last weekend and seeing how successful people of the same age range are in their lives. I came home feeling as though I needed to do more and be more like them to be successful. My mom pretty much said the same words to me as John Lennon's mom said to him... she told me to look at the things that I have been blessed with and the accomplishments that I have made and am in the process of making. Thank you so much for the reminder, because it is easy to get wrapped up into others lives and successful while forgetting what your own purpose is!

melissa miller

wendypoovey said...

Amen. God made us all unique for His purpose. Thank you Geoffrey. We are so happy to see that Garren is home. The beginning of a new journey. It will certainly be a relief to not have to travel to the hospital. I hope you are saving all your posts. I think your family Garren would enjoy seeing these when he has recovered and remembering how God changed and worked in your lives during this time. We continue to pray for you all!

Anonymous said...

How are you all doing? Garren, still want to let you know that we are proud of who you are, and all the progress you have made with the strength of God to draw from...keep trying...Love and prayers, Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say WE love you & the family & that its an honor to have you as my Pastor.

Your post, though I read it on Friday is just what i needed for today.

David Norman & the girls

Anonymous said...

Today is Sunday...how did the new room sound with the storm rolling around last night? It was wild...and a wee bit scary...truly one was at the "mercy" of God...and that is so true of every day, every moment, we are at the mercy of God for all that we go through...Garren, you have been through a lot...and are still working at your recovery....and for all of us who have been praying for you, about you, and with you; we can see the mercy of God unfolding in many places...have a great Sunday...rest in the knowledge that God is a God of mercy, and that He loves you more than anyone else is able....love & prayers, Sandy & Russ