April 15, 2011


I tried to update the blog a few minutes ago, but due to some technical difficulties I was not able. I'm glad I waited - the coolest thing just happened.

We were sitting in the living room (Garren on the couch) and he started trying to say something. So we gathered around. You really have to concentrate on what he is saying. We could not figure it out. So I grabbed a white board and we asked Garren to spell the words. We got through one letter at a time, asking, guessing, Garren nodding or shaking his head. W - H - A - T. "What." First word down. Next word. Garren said it. After several guesses we ended up with "What is." Garren started spelling the next word. "T - O" Nancy said "Today?" YES!

"What is today?"

Wow - Today is Friday April 15, 2011. It never crossed my mind that Garren might want to know what day it was.

Today was another great day for Garren. Nancy and I had him standing up this morning, so I asked him to lift his leg. He was able to lift both legs (one at a time). The PT and OT came this afternoon and had him working on taking a couple of steps. He is getting so strong.

Our nursing coverage dropped to 20 hours a day starting today. We will drop back each week until we eventually end up with 12 hours a day. It's nice to have some alone time with Garren. In fact, I spent the morning with Garren, just me and him. Nancy went to Piedmont Middle for a meeting with a whole team of people who are setting up an Individual Education Plan for Garren. Our goal is to make sure Garren graduates from the 8th grade and is ready for high school in the fall. We are very excited that Garren will not be getting behind in school. Thanks Piedmont for all you are doing!


Kelly Tyler said...

Wonderful news!

Kim said...

When I read these blogs I am just overwhelmed to the point that I can't think of words strong enough to express how amazing Garren's progress is and how wonderful God is! I am usually just moved to tears! Continuing to pray and believing for complete restoration and the beyond comprehension ways God will continue to use Garren and all of you! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

I saw Nancy at school today and hate that I did not introduce myself (again) or say anything ( I am a 6th grade teacher there). She looked wonderfully happy and beautiful. When I saw her it just reminded me so much how God is in control and how my life is so small but so significant to God. I have learned so much about myself through your blog and I thank you. Garren's strength and attitude is so fabulously displayed through your blog, that I whole heartedly agree with what Kim said. You and your family are such a blessing...and that is an understatement.

Much love and blessings,
Kevin and Karie Evans

Michael William said...

Was he reminding you to do your taxes? Awesome to hear Garren's new progress. Let me know if I can help in any way with the IEP process. If something is unclear just ask! It is so amazing to see his progress.

Anonymous said...

The "baby"steps are getting stronger....glad to read about so many changes all for the good...God has been so good to all of you....continue to trust, lean, and grow in your faith in Jesus...Garren, we are so proud of your determination, growth and trust in all those who love you...stay strong...love & prayers, Sandy & Russ