October 23, 2007


What is "it?" We work all of our lives to achieve "it." We graduate from high school, then go to college-to study for "it." We then put together a resume and search the job market, all the while trying to accomplish "it."

Maybe "it" is not the end. Maybe "it" is not something we finally achieve, at least not in this lifetime.

Could it be that we have missed the real question? Maybe we should be asking ourselves if we are being used by God to accomplish His work for us no matter where we are or what we are doing. The thing is, no matter how many times you thing you have finally reached "it," you are left with a feeling of dissatisfaction. We get there and then stand around wondering "now what?" There is more to life than getting to the top, accomplishing goals, finishing projects. These are all good and important things. Goals are important. But if all we live for is to get to the end of the next goal, to finally achieve "it," then we have completely missed the boat.

Where does God have you planted right now? Are you being used by Him, right where you are, to accomplish the job He has for you?

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