October 13, 2007

The 80/20 Rule

Football season is in full swing. Have you ever stopped to think about what is really going on during a game? Look at it this way - there are 70,000 fans in desperate need of exercise watching 22 men in desperate need of rest do all the work.

Church ends up being a lot like this. Look around the next time you are in church. It is estimated that about 80% of those who attend church do nothing more than just sit for 1 hour each week. The other 20% are doing all the work. No wonder so many volunteers get burned out! But it's not just in the area of service that this is true. It holds true for giving as well. About 20% of the givers give over 80% of the total amount that comes in! Unbelievable!

If we could see things from a bigger perspective, from a Kingdom perspective, we'd be much more likely to give our time and money to the things that matter most.

Pray that God will show you what you need to do now.

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