May 11, 2014

What a Great Week!

This week has flown by. At the same time, so much has happened, it's hard to believe it's only been 1 week! We were so blessed and humbled to be able to participate in just a small way in help TWR with a few projects. While this missions organization is located on one of the most beautiful islands in the Carribbean, it is perfectly positioned to broadcast the message of Jesus Christ to millions throughout the Carribbean and South America. And although we did not come into direct physical contact with any of those millions of people, we did have a direct and significant impact on the continuation of this ministry.

TWR Bonaire is in the process right now of preparing to celebrate their 50th anniversary. In August many former missionaries will be visiting, and we got to help prepare for that by cleaning, painting, and renovating some offices and work spaces. TWR Bonaire is also in the beginning phases of uprading their power in order to be able to extend the reach of their broadcasts, reaching many more with the message of hope. Our participation this week helped lay the foundation for this future exapnasion.

It was great, not only to see some of our projects get started and completed, but to see our team work together so well. Ross and Jeff had just the skills needed to move these projects forward. James was able to lead the charge in replacing toilets and pipes in the bathrooms. Clint and Dave were the paint crew, repainting the offices and hallways. Nancy and Brandy are now experts and cutting and replacing ceiling tile. Everybody found their place and we got quite a bit of work accomplished.  

Another really cool thing for us was to see the staff's excitement as we made progress on these projects. These men and women who live and work here have given up a lot in order to serve our Lord as full time missionaries. We were able to encourage them in what they are doing, and they were truly thankful for our part. And we are truly thankful to have been used in this way.

What's next? There is already talk amongst the team about going back next year. I am sure that once word gets around, many more will want to join in the future as well. Thank you to all who made this trip possible through your financial and prayer support. Without each of us playing our God-given parts, this trip could not have happened.

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