May 07, 2014

Hard at Work

Monday and Tuesday have been very full and productive days for the team. We meet each morning at 7am for breakfast, team devotional, and debriefing from the previous day. Then at 8am we meet at the transmitter site with some of the staff there. We have a short devotional and prayer before the work begins.

Our team is blessed to have Ross and Jeff, who have the experience needed to run several of the projects we are working on. We've been rerouting electrical cables, reparing drywall, painting, cleaning, replacing toilets, adjusting and replacing ceiling tile, and much more. We are helping TWR prepare for two major events: one is their 50th anniversary celebration in August, the second is the transmitter power upgrade project, which will allow TWR to broadcast further, reaching more people with the good news of the Gospel.

Today we have another full day ahead of us. Thank you for your continued prayers for safety, team unity, and that we will get a lot accomplished.

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