May 04, 2014


It was a bit surreal as we stepped off the plane and walked across the tarmac toward the airport. I could taste the salt in the air. I could feel the humidity. The breeze blowing behind as the sun was setting in front of us.

As we picked up our luggage and walked through customs (with no problems), we were greeted by a very excited Pedersen family, along with Brandon who works with TWR as well. After a few minutes of greetings, we headed off to get our cars, and drove to the duplex where the 4 men on our team are staying. 

We had some pizza for dinner, went over a few logistics with Brandon and Dave, then the 2 couples on our team went a few blocks down the road to check in to the hotel where we are staying. Putting us all in the duplex with one bathroom to share between 8 people would have been a little much.

After everyone was settled, I was still wired. So I dragged Nancy outside (not literally...) and took her for a walk down the road. I found the house where I grew up. Memories began to flood my mind. We walked a bit further down the road to an empty lot and we walked down to see the ocean. More memories. I could have stood out there all night...

We walked back to the hotel to get some much needed sleep.

Today we are going to church in the morning. We have an island tour scheduled for this afternoon, and this evening we will get to experience first hand what TWR is all about. We will be onsite at the transmitter site when they go on the air with their first broadcast of the evening.

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