February 29, 2012

Still Going

No major breakthroughs, but I know many of you are praying and waiting for an update. Garren continues to progress, little by little.

Swallow therapy is slow and grueling. He hasn't actually been able to start the McNeil program. We are told that you actually have to be able to swallow in order to benefit from McNeil. The therapists have been working intensely and intentionally with him to help strengthen his tongue and mouth muscles. Hopefully, eventually, he will be able to start swallowing.

The physical therapists are amazed every time they see Garren. He continues to get stronger and steadier. He has a couple of crutches that he uses to walk. He can pretty much stand up on his own. He needs someone to help him balance. I helped him walk from our house to the stop sign at the end of our road, and back again. That was a total of about 700 feet. It took about 45 minutes. It was quite a workout, but he did it.

We have another month left of approved overnight nursing. Then we resubmit and pray for that to continue after the end of March. Once Garren can swallow consistently on his own, we will no longer need nursing - we cannot wait for that day!

Thanks for your continued prayers. Garren continues to joke around and make us laugh. We have so much to be thankful for.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update...praying for Garren...stay strong in God's might, dear family...love & prayers, Sandy & Russ