February 13, 2012

Ridin' Solo

I haven't talked a lot about school so here's a quick update. Garren is doing great in school. Last semester he passed all his classes with no trouble. His teachers have all been great at helping him make sure he gets everything he needs. Nancy and Kara have spent countless hours helping Garren with homework. This semester is going great. Of course, just like any 15 year old boy, Garren would rather not go to school. But he is doing great with it.

Garren has had an assistant following him around at school. She has been meeting us at the car in the morning, walking everywhere with Garren, sitting with him in class, and then escorting him back to the car for pick up. Garren brought it to our attention that this was a little bit annoying. He didn't feel like he had any freedom. He felt confined and held back. So Nancy talked to the school, and starting today we are trying something new. I dropped Garren off by himself. He went to class all on his own - no help. He will meet three different assistants today, each in a different class. And when we pick him up, he is going to come to the car unassisted! Garren has always been pretty independent. I hope this new arrangement makes him feel more independent again.

Last week we had one of the therapists looking at Garren's manual wheelchair. Garren has really gotten good at pushing himself around. He prefers the manual chair over the power chair now. That is great! The therapist wanted to make some adjustments to the manual chair, to make it easier for Garren to use. But there's a problem. The chair isn't designed for someone as 'advanced' as Garren. When I heard this I said "What? We paid all that money for a chair that isn't what Garren needs?" Come to find out, when they customized the chair for Garren, they had no idea he would progress as quickly as he has. He has already outgrown the chair! Another reminder that Garren is progressing quickly and miraculously. They are going to make a couple of adjustments to try and make the chair last a little longer for Garren.


Anonymous said...

Always happy when I read your posts and hear the joy in your words...I know you and Nancy and your family are exhausted, and yet, God always gives to you the strength to keep going...what an amazing God we have!! I am still praying, and will never stop unless you ask us to...love, Sandy & Russ

Anonymous said...

Been awhile since I have read the post.....tears of shear joy.....to see Garren on that wall was the best thing since slided bread! Go Garren....we are still praying for Sunshine! ! He is just amazing! Someone at Morgan's school out here in Tx asked about my pink bracelet....I said "let me tell you about this awesome kid"....great Pictures and stories. Love to you all!xox
The Wingate family

Anonymous said...

It's so exciting to hear about Garren's progress. We continue to pray for him daily!!! His courage & spunk is inspiring, as we fight our own battles with chronic pain. May God strengthen and encourage each of you daily as you continue to walk the walk! Blessings, Lynn Rogers (Kaitlyn's Mom)